Calm and Relax. Impressionism is coming

We have arrived 30.000 Subs this week. WOW! So i thought, how could i say thanks? Then i thought people needs to get fun so this is part of something i am preparing as a gift. I hope you like it.

I am looking a more easy painting style and fun but also powerful and expressive. And believe me this is fun and versatile… I have created 8 nine brushes based on the “impressionism” brush what we already have. What do you think?

First one is the default in Krita. Next one is the default but with accurate color dynamics. And the other ones… well you have to test them :wink:

Do you think this is good for a bundle or imported as .kpp? As they use default resources we can do whatever we want.
The impressionism is in your hands if you want.


This looks brilliant and I want to test the brushes. I’d prefer a bundle.


also you can use these brushes for making another styles. This speedpaint was done in the laptop, while i was testing the performance in mid range devices. And works fine. What do you think? Now i am creating the bundle this morning. :smirk::gift:


Wow… this looks amazing! I love them and I think this style looks pretty cool.

I’m also very happy that you make these brushes run resource friendly.

Thanks in advance! This would fabulous and I would appreciate that. I am keen to see how they work on my little machine.As a newbie I would prefer a bundle.


yes please, make a bundle :stuck_out_tongue:

Is curious because i thougt people would ask the. kpp files Well, here we go then

For the people who need to see first the brushes, a fast showcase. 4 Dry, 2 Wet and 2 Blender. Why 200 (similar) brushes as other softwares do and overwhelm the user? i prefer small but useful


Really love that style! Looks fantastic!

May I suggest, you post this one as a separate topic? Should be featured imho…

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Thanks for the idea. I will do it in a moment.

Impressionism is my favourite way to paint, so I’m super excited to see these bushes! :smiley: I would be happy to test them out.

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Hello everybody, as promised here you have the new bundle to cellebrate the 30.000 subscribers. You are Awesome community supporting Krita. To load this, go to Settings/Manage Resources and then import Bundle. Ok, and restart Krita. That’s it. :heart: Be sure you are in Krita 4.4.2 to use them.

Download here :
Do Right click and save as…
I wait your feedback in the comments. Enjoy! :wink:


Thanks a lot, Ramon!

Just installed the bundle and restarted Krita. Soon I will start testing,

That’s a very nice present Ramon!

I can’t wait to use them for my next project :blush:.

I appreciate all the time and efforts you put in making them - big thank you!

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Hey, Ramon - thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks @RamonM, i’ve tried to make something, but i’m not at your level :wink:


You are the first so congrats!. And don’t worry, these brushes are for enjoying color and big multiple brushstrokes, i see movement in those waves :wink:


So this is my first attempt with the impressionism brushes. The motif is from my current project: “Songtitles Illustrated: Red Sails in the Sunset” but realised in Krita. I do not know whether I did the brushes justice or if it even is impressist style, as I used a lot of the blending brushes. Anyway - the brushes are fantastic.


Nice brushes Ramon. Thank you.

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Muchas gracias por los pinceles.

Just tested the brushes, they’re wonderful! My favourites are:
Texture impressionism pattern, and texture impressionism wet blend-big.

Can’t wait to do a more formal painting with these brushes thanks so much for making them! :slight_smile: