Can anyone emulate this CSP brush in Krita?

This is the original strokes drawn in Clip Studio Paint.

I extracted the pattern&tip data from the brush, in case anyone wants to use.
Pattern :
Tip :

I tried my best to recreate this in Krita but I couldn’t. :confused:

I’m sorry, but I think you got to the same issue that other people are having here: Brush engine: Is it possible to have a pattern blending mode like this? . You can try emulating it with Masked Brush but the general consensus is that we need something more in Krita to be able to make the pattern brushes better. For the more general discussion, it’s better to continue it there to keep everything in one thread, but I won’t close this thread since there is still a valid question how to attempt it with Masked Brush (even though it won’t be perfect).

Sure. Well actually the original brush does use the Height blending mode(texture) in CSP… I wasn’t necessarily connecting this to the topic you mentioned but no harm in that too.

Tip you shared is kinda oval still your strokes examples looks use round tip.

I sort of recreate with mask tip like @tiar said. The opacity/transparency effect of the strokes have I think can’t be reproduced now.

In the bundle there are 2 tips: 1 main and second is mask tip. 1st stroke is using “mask” tip as main and as mask, 2nd stroke using main and second tip.

Thank you so much for trying. But saddly it didn’t like the original at all. :neutral_face:

Tiar, this is might off topic but would you mind if I ask why there is not ‘normal’ blending mode in masked brush? I think it’s worth having.

Used lightness mode for texture, used blending mode ‘dissolve’ for low-pressure texture. The
brush tip was altered into a ‘solid’ tip.

2 is suited better for color while 3 works well with black and white. Brush creation was based off image since I haven’t actually tried a brush with height mode before…

bottom: normal blending mode.

I hope this helps your brush creation. :slight_smile:

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Lol ok this is an interesting solution, and I have to admit that it does look like the original brush to some degree. But it shows really weird moves as if I’m whipping sand as I paint with it(Probably due to Dissolve blending mode). And it doesn’t look like it uses original texture image to create textures in its stroke at all, only noises generated by the blending mode.

I wouldn’t use it and now I think I just have to wait for new blending modes to come, but thanks for trying. I learned something new.

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