canvas calibration

Type of device* : graphic tablet
Brand and version of the device: Wacom CINTOQ 22HD
System** : Windows 10

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots):

There’s a problem with the calibration of my Wacom CINTOQ in Krita. While the calibration of my pencil works perfect on the settings of Krita, it suddenly decalibrates when I move the pencil onto the canvas. Pencil and coursor don’t match anymore. I can’t find the reason - maybe my tablet tries to scale the canvas as a whole display but they are not compartible.

I’d gladly take your advice

BG Nylo

Check whether Note for Windows Cintiq users who see an offset between stylus and cursor is the case. This is a known bug in Wacom’s windows drivers, and there hasn’t been an update yet since wacom and I figured out the issue.

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