Color Banding and how to worka around it. Softer brushes.

Every time we try to crate smooth color transitions we experience Color Banding. This occurs because Krita doesnt have built in dithering not because our 8-bit collor depth. (Using higher bit depth with dithering will result even smoother gradients but without dithering we will get just denser banding)

Brush Setting
To achieve dithering in brush we will use Randomness and Density

Randomness will intordouse soft noise but doesn’t do good job at dithering color bands.
Density will introduce deep dithering. This is what we need to soften Collor Banding but we can endup with noisy image if we dither over few color bands.

Examples and Brush Settings
Airbrush Soft

Airbrush Soft 80% Density

Airbrush Soft 20% Randomness

Examples and Blend Brush Settings
We can enchance build in Blender Blur brush by setting its density in thic case to 80%

Using Blender Blur brush with density set to 26% and moving it along the color band will introduce proper dithering to a gradient.

Gradients and Filters
If we want to smooth big sufaces and we dont care about loosing detail we can use Filter->Other->RandomPick

Dithering manually may result in noisy image so some practice and experimentation need to be put in to achieve good results.

Thank you @raghukamath and @tiar for explaining to me banding issue.

I hope someone will find this helpful :slight_smile:


I thought that banding effect was because of bad RGB math when mixing colours. This seems to lessen the effect but I am not sure.

This is what I was thinking:

No, it’s not caused by that, that’s a gamma correction thing. The problem here is just that 8bit isn’t enough for getting a fully imperceptibly smooth gradient.

Anyway, the color smudge currently does some dithering, because all the maths is done in 16bit, and the gradient tools for 5.0 will have a ‘dither’ option, which uses blue noise to dither.

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I once did a review on the Tangent Engine and the conclusion for it’s banding was related to the bit depth too although there is is way more noticeable. I test this as is and for the tangent engine too then it is worth a shot.

Banding in the tangent normal engine is a bit more complex, though I don’t have the energy to go through all possible factors right now. However, this brush tip banding will also happen in 16 bit, the thing is that our brush tips are limited to 8bit for the foreseeable future.

Patterns are affected similarly.

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No need to worry about it then. I will try and tweak my normal painting brushes then I am curious to use this tutorial.