Composition Helper


You’ll find here a new plugin I’ve made for fun (because Buli Commander take times and sometime I need to do other things).

Plugin allows to add some classic helpers like Rule of third or Golden spiral to document.
That can help to compose drawing/painting scenes.

As helpers are added as new layers in document, this allows to manage them easily like any other layers (and for me, don’t have to implement to many options :sweat_smile:):

  • Transformation
  • Blending mode
  • Visibility

Hope this can be useful.



Oh, that looks like a fun plugin!

Hi @Grum999 and thank you for making this :slight_smile:

It works perfectly but there’s a small ‘administrative’ error.
In the plugin manager, the information/instructions pane has the Buli Commander details.

Apart from that little thing, it’s all :+1:

Ahah :sweat_smile:
Yes, I used some files from BuliCommander to start plugin code and then, I forgot to update this one.

Thanks for reporting, v1.0.1 with fixed manual is now available :slight_smile:


Yes :grimacing:

But can also be useful (as I also need it in fact :sweat_smile:)



I spoke too soon. There is a tiny problem.

If you change the colour of the helper then that change is not shown in the preview unless you make a change to one of the other properties or options. After you Add, that change is shown so it’s just a ‘cosmetic/UI’ thing.

All other properties and options show an immediate change in the preview.

That strange, on my side selecting another color is applied immediately in preview… :thinking:

Tested on windows ? Or a linux ?
I’m working an a Debian10+4.4.1 appimage, didn’t tested on other OS…

I’m not sure problem can be relative to OS but currently I only see this as a potential origin for this


I also have Debian 10 with the 4.4.1 appimage.

I’ll try making a few changes to various settings to see if that affects it and make a reply if I am able to change this on my system.

I suggest that you don’t worry about it unless someone else reports this problem. It is a very minor thing and may be about my system.

That happens all the time to me, too…

In fact even if I’m not able to reproduce the problem, I may have found something…

I’ve pushed a v1.0.2 on repository, but didn’t created a release yet…
Can you get file and tell me if it change something on your side?


Yes! The updated fixed it :slight_smile:

As a matter of interest, what did you do?

Ah great :slight_smile:

The button color is a class that inherits from a standard push button.
When I created this class, I’ve implemented a signal ‘colorChanged’ that allows to easily manage situation where color button was changed or not.

But, I don’t know why, I used the ‘clicked’ signal instead of ‘colorChanged’ one :man_facepalming:

And I still really don’t understand why the plugin worked on my side with ‘clicked’ signal on not on your side… :thinking:

Anyway, release v1.0.2 is available.
Hope that will be the last 1.0.X version :grimacing:

Many thanks for your feedback :wink:


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sounds nice, thanks for sharing :wink:

This can be in the curated list of the plugins in the manual. What do you say @tiar?

Sure! Every plugin that is working and ready to use can be on the list. But I would like to be merged first so that all future plugins MRs will be based on that, to not create even more merge conflicts:)

The MR seems good to go, I made two suggestions. If you think that is okay, I will merge and backport it :slight_smile:

Hi, I downloaded the tool, it looks great. Unfortunately in my case crash in windows 10, with intel hp laptop.

I can open the options window, and choose the composition I want, but as soon as I add, the layer appears, but krita is left thinking and after a few seconds crash.

If you need something I can help with, just ask. a greeting


Which version of Krita are you using?
When it crash, do you have an error message, or Krita is closed automatically?


I am using krita 4.4.1. Crash without warning. Directly.

I’m not really aware about Krita on Windows, but :

  1. There’s 4 different build available on (installer 32 & 64bit / portable 32 & 64bit); which one are you using ?
  2. Can you give information provided in menu Help > Show System information for bug reports
  3. Can you give information provided in menu Help > Show Krita log for bug reports