Share your painting Setup!

I think it would be a good idea if we all shared how we manage our resources in Krita, for example; how we manage dockers, scripts and layers, it could even help someone who is new to krita and digital art in general! I’ll start.

Here I use those scripts:
Grum999’s Composition Helper and Buli Brush Switch - #17 by Grum999
(To create and manage golden spirals, thirds and brushes.)

EyeOdin’s Imagine Board plugin and Timer Watch
(To keep track of my reference and time in speedpaints.)

Alongside a Panorama Docker, to keep track of the total composition and EyeOdin’s timer.

I also use FizzyFlower’s FizzyFlower's "ESSENTIAL" Brushset VERSION 2 ⭐ with 400+ Brushes ((Cloud, Paint, Hair, Fur, FX, Foilage, Trees, Leaves, Texture, Smudge, and more!) - #36 by RPictures
Pack that contain every brush that I’ll possibly need, including paints and effects.


I have four layers total:

  1. La Perfection. The layer I created with Grum999’s composition helper, that has every compositional guide that I’ll possibly need to regulate my work’s flow.

  2. Toile. which is a layer with a canvas texture inside set to “multiply” on opacity 34, It emulates a true canvas with its fores, the layer above, Impasto. simulates an “Impasto feeling”, where I paint strokes that go above the canvases’ fores and other “Weaker” strokes.

and 1. the painting layer, I only need this to have a base painting.

This instead, is my main toolbar, I added the flow’s slider and the pattern’s slider. So I can be more efficient in certain situations. you can learn more here → Crayons for Krita 2021. Not only brushes - YouTube

I also added the ability to change the canvas color with only one click, it is inside the button with the orange box in the image above. more details are in the video above.

With all those ingredients combined, I can create something like this:

Where the weaker strokes are painted on (1), below the Toile layer.
And stronger strokes on Impasto, above the Toile layer.

What do you think of my setup? what should I add? could it work? what about you? I’m curious to hear your experiences. :slight_smile:


It’s so interesting to see how others work. Your layers setup is fascinating.

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I’m not sure if my usual workspace will help anybody but welcome to my world: :slight_smile:

It’s not the most complicated workspace I’ve ever made but it’s my favourite one.
If I’m not animating, I sometimes delete the Timeline, if I need more canvas area.
I don’t use plugins or scripts because I can never remember what they do or how to use them.


@AhabGreybeard Is that an ultrawide or two 4:3 monitors?

It’s two 1280 x 1024 17 inch monitors so they’re 5:4 ratio. The forum scaled it down.
They’re about 12 years old so I really need to upgrade them.
I’m thinking about 1600 x 1200 20 or 22 inch monitors.


Here is my setup with a generic photo loaded. Pretty basic. I predominately use the artistic color selector because I love that it allows me to easily switch between degrees of value of color while staying with the same color.


Very interesting approach, to use the artistic color selector, just tried it.

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This is basically my setup on Android (and I have the same setup on my Windows computers but I use my Android tablet the most though.)

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Mine is pretty basic. scratchpad docker from @scottyp.
Almost all the brushes are mine. Few are default, one from @marui_mg.


My tablet setup

It’s pretty similar to my old desktop setup except that my dockers are all on the other side.


This is my setup for painting. I paint on a display tablet, and it doesn’t have physical buttons. So I keep the toolbar at the bottom within easy reach. That way I don’t have to reach on the top of screen repeatedly.

I am still learning to use the awesome Pigment.O plugin :smile:. I like my setup to be minimal. Sometimes I like to use the gamut masking feature to limit myself to a limited colour palette. Also, I am using the brush bundle by wojtryb.


I will supplement this discussion too.
I try to keep only the most necessary things in my workspace

I use Toolkit by fullerhill_art, Timer Watch by EyeOdin, edited brush by Odzuki. The rest brushes are basic or I change the brush settings


I love Orange :orange_heart:

This is my favorite setup that only focuses on drawing, painting, and recording (shortcut on the right of the screen).I really like the placement of the tools gathered on the right side of the screen.The brushes I use are built-in brushes which I think are sufficient for drawing anything, for custom brushes I download from Krita Brushkit v8.2 - David Revoy. For additional plugins that I download, I usually bring them up manually from the settings.


Here is my funny setup… Everything needed is found easily


Am i the only one that spends most of the time in canvas mode?

Over time i’ve just been removing things i don’t use so i just get a large drawing surface. I’ve been playing with moving the toolbox from the left into one of the dockers since i know keyboard shortcuts for most of the tools and i never seem to use it.

Next up is just switching to the pop-up palette and no tools :wink:


Wow! So many different methods, so many different stories! It really brings out the heterogenity and the open nature of Krita! They are all so interesting.

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Here is mine.

It is nothing fancy, I mostly go with defaults and change things as time goes organically. I do not use any plugins at the moment. My brushes are my own old and new set which is evolving. Lots of temporary brushes made for the respective project that I worked on. I do not have a specific style so my brushes are not fixed and change according to the need of the project.

I use a lot of layers so my layer docker is typically tall if not half of the screen.

In the screen-shot is artwork I made for KDE plasma welcome screen, the style is based on mascots designed by Tyson tan for KDE.



RPictures, what a very good idea! And thanks also to each of the participants! Iruhas… I love Orange too! :slightly_smiling_face: Here the Setup that works better for me, as I’m limited to a 1600x900 screen (laptop):

Happy circonstance, this w-e I’ve just been trying a new layers setup based on the ones of Ramon Miranda (with Smart Canvas). Infinite Thanks ++ to You, RamonM! :pray:

It’s the 1rst time I post an image on the forum, I hope I won’t make any mistake doing this.
Again, thanks to all of you for sharing! GREAT Art Discussion!


Thank you! My favourite hobby when I am visiting someone, is watching how people use their computers, what tools they use, what resources they have, their graphical setup, their choises and most importantly, why they are using this poweful tool to begin with.

Using a computer is no joke, it’s a huge responsibility, it is the sole mirror of today’s society, the good and bad of today rest entirely on those machines, and how people use and misuse them.

That’s what brought up this idea, I simply like to see what people do with their computers.

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