Concept Art & Illustration Bundle

Hello everyone!

Here’s an updated version of the Concept Art brush bundle, but don’t get to exited, as there are no new brushes.

So what’s new?

  • First, and more importantly, all the brushes were overwritten with Krita 4.3.0 to avoid any compatibility issues, since the other bundle was created with a much older version of Krita.
  • The flat brushes are now completely flat and not elliptical.
  • Tweaked the precision and Spacing settings in brushes that were demanding performance wise in older versions of Krita. These settings are the ideal.
  • Tweaked the textured brushes. Fine tuned them according to what I actually had in mind when I first made them.
  • Some changes in the pressure of some brushes.

And I think that’s all.

Here’'s the link for the download: … sp=sharing

Have fun, and let me know if there’s any problem :wink:


Thank you for updating this! I’ve been using your brushes for many years now. Bless you. :blush:

Thanks! I’m glad you like them :wink:

Hi Pyteo and thank you for the update :slight_smile:

There is a tiny problem with the 2-Bristles-rake1 brush tip which is also there in the older version.

The brush tip image has low level artifacts that do not show when painting or stamping but they do affect the brush outline and result in an offset which is noticed when stamping. As shown below:

On the left is the brush-cursor outline with a stamped impression. The offset is noticable.
On the right is the brush tip texture with levels adjustment used to reveal the artifacts, which are so slight as to not affect painting but they do affect the brush cursor outline and also give the offset.

As I say, it’s a tiny problem but you did ask :slight_smile:

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Hi AhabGreybeard!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have a look :+1:

I really love these brushes, is there anything to keep in mind with krita 5.0 when using them or are they all compatible?

Hi Mernadre,

I’m currently on vacation and I haven’t tried 5.0 yet.
I’ll post my experience here once I test if there’s something wrong or different with the brushes. :wink:


I honestly wasn’t expecting a reply, after such a long time! Looking forward to it.

Enjoy your vacation!


The bundle works just fine with Krita 5. I tested it today.

New bundle coming soon;)


That’s good to hear, only got into Krita recently and have been using your bundle all the time.

Can’t wait for the new one!