Cursor shape: Pixel Dot (instead of a solid white or black pixel)

As it is right now, you can go into Settings > Configure Krita > General > Cursor > Cursor Shape and change the cursor to either a white pixel or black pixel.

This is how I use krita all the time. The problem is that I work a lot with either a full white or blackish background and it makes it too easy to lose track of the cursor.

Unlike the outline shape which changes its color depending on the background, the black pixel or white pixel is very limiting. It’s a hassle to go to the settings page to change this every single time I have a different background. Even when having a white pixel dot on a black background as soon as you add some white to the canvas you will lose sight of this white pixel cursor.

The feature request is to change the white or black pixel dot option to a single option called ‘Pixel Dot’ and make the dot change color to the inverse color of the background it is on top of so you don’t lose track of it.

Thank you, I hope this is taken into consideration!