Dancing Flame Rings

I’ve been playing with the animated transform mask again:


There have been some glitches and some UI problems that I’ll get around to reporting later if I can get a coherent understanding of them.

The flames could be so much better but I was in a hurry and used a six year old image file I found in my ‘bits and pieces’ folder.


webp should be okay, May be it is optimising it and converting to jpg. I’ll check the settings

I checked this and there is no setting to convert this to jpeg. And I tried uploading a webp it loads correctly -

How did you create the webp?

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I created it using the rendered .png frame outputs, processed by img2webp, which is how I’ve made .webp files before and uploaded them here, quite recently.

I’ve just dowloaded the file from the dropbox link given and then edited my post to remove the orginal image file and upload that downloaded one.
It shows a .webp extension that is rapidly changed to a .jpeg extension.
I’ll try doing it with a different browser…
Tried with Chromium instead of Palemoon - same result.
The file does play as an animated .webp in a browser.

I think it’s a file size thing - it’s 2.1MB so is this above a limit (which I thought was 3MB)?

I compressed it down to 1.5MB, same result.


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I disabled a image optimisation setting now. And I also compressed the image to 1.1mb. Can you try it now? Also check both lossless and compressed image. Keep the file name different.

My 1.3MB upload worked ok (320 x 320 not much compression).

I’ll leave it as it is for now and wait for another attempted upload of an animated .webp to do a better structured investigation.


I already had this problem when posting

I had to do 6 or 7 temptative of upload to get the final webp files uploaded without having them converted to jpeg…

Many temptatives on the same file : finally accepted without being converted…

The tip is to prepare text in a private message, once it’s accepted, file is in discourse cache and just copy/paste text to a new topic…


@Grum999 Do you mean a private message that you don’t actually send to anyone, just compose it then Cancel when you’ve copied the text of it?

yes that’s my technic when I have to create a new topic with long and/or complex formatting text

I need to check when I’ll be at home, but it’s more, send a private message to yourself, and then you can edit it when you want


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Just checked.

I’m using a message sent to myself (always the same, no need to create a new message each time)
Message is visible only in sent messages (not inbox), you can open it and edit it :slight_smile:


This is a different style, but I like it :slight_smile: Is this your first animation ?

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Thank you @Gypsy_Rowdy :slight_smile:
It’s not my first animation, it just looks like somebody’s first animation :laughing: