The infinite loop of rotating sausage


Here 2 animations made with last Krita 5 pre-alpha and use of animation curves on transform mask.

Final result is not really like what I have in my mind, especially for the second one, but goal was more to test functionalities.

It was hard to finish due to bugs, I had to make choice about final render and composition, it took hours and hours and hours to be able to finish it, but that’s not totally a lost time: I’ve been able to detect and open many bugs. Hope they’ll be fixed before release :slight_smile:

Infinite loop of the rotating sausage through black holes warps

A sausage moving through bi-directional black holes warps

Infinite loop pursuit of the rotating sausage through black holes warps

Buli in pursuit of a sausage that’s moving through directional black holes warps

note: :thinking: animation are in FullHD (1920x1080) but discourse doesn’t allow to show them in full format… need to right-click and then ‘Display image’



Nice WebP is definitely better than GIF. Discourse resized it in the post. The images are full resolution, I opened it in the new tab.