Digital doll/puppet model

Please read how to make feature request in the Krita Manual before making a request.

Hi, I am tapirawa, I wish to request to Krita software developer to have Digital doll/puppet/ Human anatomy as referent to draw Human character. Grid also.

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I’ve updated title to have something more precise.

Concerning feature request, I think subject has already been discussed in the forum (but too lazy to search, sorry :slight_smile: ) and I think description of feature is a little bit vague :thinking:

I’ll let developers giving you an answer :slight_smile:


They’re is an app called Magic Poser that can do this. It’s available on both Apple and Android.
Pose your model, export, then use as reference in Krita.

I think it would be cool to have it. For now there are other prorities but I know that people use it quite often/with good results on Clip Studio Paint, don’t they? And it does sound useful. Especially if you have room and all that, too.

I think another alternative could be Blender with the human creator… how was it called, MD-lab? something like that. It creates a human quickly, togheter with rigging, so you don’t have to do it. Then just set it up and screenshot and done.

There are some websites, too…

I can help with sculpting if needed.

There’s this which apparently produces output suitable for use in Blender:

I think this would be pretty complex to do well. Mesh and rig creation seems solved by existing tools, like Makehuman, but I haven’t seen anything that would let a non-specialist easily pose models and get realistic results. The results tend to be stiff and anatomically questionable.

I do think that a simple to use cloth sim system would be really useful even with somewhat unrealistic human models, but that still seems very far outside the scope of Krita.

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Looks like the question has been asked before (in the world of Krita):

Unfortunately this free model seems to be unavailable now:

… But here is another:


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I am not a big fan of make human. Usually it gives errors and I haven’t seen an update for God how long. I think it is just a dead project and blender has evolved alot since then.

I am sorry but cloth sim is way too much might as well use a 3d app by then.

Regarding that lost model I could try and remake it. I have been training my painting but I don’t mind to train my scuplt and rigging too. Originally I was thinking to use something more similar to the zbrush head that I think is a sculpture used for artists in real life I think.

@EyeOdin yea, my point was that anything useful is going to be pretty involved and outside the scope of what Krita is focused on.

But why you need a cloth sim to be useful? Seems unnecessary.

I must say I would not mind making a model for Krita. I could try making a boy and a girl doll. Even if it only remains as a blend file or something.

But there seems to exist real interest from the developers for a doll like this to justify the work.

Btw what kind of character would you want? I don’t want to call people left and right but considering if this was a Google summer of code project I imagine this had a idea behind it perhaps a sketch for it. If there is anything like that just send me the pics and I will do what I can for it. Or I will make one at my own taste. Also for rigg requirements.

I think I found the file for the lost model…possibly a broken file? You can check it out here:

My skill-level is not enough to fix it :slightly_frowning_face:

Sure I can take a look. it should not be worse than the UE manequin to fix.

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I think the problem is just the UI of it that broke. but it was a bit annoying to load up. in that pose it looks nice but after moving it I did not like I must say. The rig is easy to use but the geometry has no landmarks for light, this is like meant for manga alone I think. Also you have no fingers. I was thinking something more blocky round.

Give me a couple of days and I will give my shot at it. However the rig might need more work than that.

I appreciate your work (love the pigmento plugin)! Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile:

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No need to waste your precious time to re-create that mannequin thing!
Fortunately I found that model in my HDD and uploaded it here:
And this link shows how to use it as a reference while painting:

… but it would be so cool to have it built-in inside Krita, like ClipStudio has got from ages! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the share :slightly_smiling_face: !

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How you persons feel with a head with landmarks on it? or more roundish is better?

I saw the CSP models and they had a boy and a girl so I made a boi to start with. I did this with no reference because I donno if there will be any. I do need to focus on my painting though so I will push 3d buttons when ever I can.

If it was my choice, it would have an Asaro head or similar. I appreciate that’s a lot more work, and only really relevant when using the model for lighting reference. I think what you have here gives a good idea of the gross shapes.

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This would be an awesome feature to have, especially for people doing comics where finding references for weird poses is much harder. Even a simple model without much detail would be better than nothing.

However I do have to wonder about the feasibility of it. How would someone be able to easily/intuitively pose the model without reimplementing half of Blender in Krita?