Do not follow the sausages...


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Yeah Buli, it was a really bad idea to follow the sausages… :sweat_smile:

Animation made with combination of different software:

  • Inkscape
    – Prepare SVG parts assembled in Krita and/or used in Enve
  • Krita 5
    – Assemble and finalize details on Compressor.999 scene
    – Animate sequences
    – Basics tweenings (with animation timeline on transform mask)
    – Halftone effects
  • Enve:
    – Complex tweening, especially Buli’s tweening
    I tried to draw it manually in Krita but it was a failure
    — Takes age to draw
    — At 30fps it was not ‘smooth’ (a dirty “wobble” effect)
  • Natron:
    – Assemble sequences
    – Transition effects

Not totally satisfied by current result, there’s things that can be improved but currently I have to confess, even if I love to use Krita, it was a real pain and I don’t want to suffer anymore on this animation :disappointed:

Encountered problems
  • Unable to use all computer resources:
    – As I try to use more than 1 CPU to render animation frames, render was immediately in failure
    – Rendering with 1 CPU only is looooooong
    (I have 24 CPU available so there’s also a frustration feeling)

  • Many crashes due to segmentation fault (didn’t count, maybe 30-40 crashes during last 2 weeks)

  • Many “render in failure” so I had to execute rendering animation with range (I always generate PNG frames - so it’s not a ffmpeg problem):
    – frame 0 to xxx => render in failure at frame N1
    – frame N1 to xxx => render in failure at frame N2
    – frame N2 to xxx => render in failure at frame N3
    – …
    Note: nothing in Krita’s logs about why render is in failure, nothing returned in console too… just a pop-up with message

  • Many glitches and ghost frames during render
    – I had to check all frames one by one, and regenerate render for these frames, unitary (on a 622 frames sequence for example, I counted 39 frames for which I had to regenerate render)
    – Unable to merge some animated layers (result can’t be used: ghost frames and glitches especially when merging filter layers)
    – Tested tweening with animation timeline and transform mask; got some bugs and interface is not as easy to use as Enve and Natron, but that’s a real good start and I was able to avoid use of Enve for basics animation :slight_smile:

I’ll try to made some tests to be able to provide precise description of encountered problems, try to determinate exactly in which situation the encountered problems occurs, and open

Note: all problem have been encountered on all Krita 5 version tested in last 2 weeks, and last sequence rendering (on which I also has many problems) has been made with krita-5.0.0-prealpha-fa1b610-x86_64.appimage and krita-5.0.0-prealpha-6a4ed9a-x86_64.appimage



Wonderful and funny too. :+1:
Will there be a tutorial video? :slight_smile:

Very good idea of using halftone for animating. Nice video.


I didn’t think about it…
Doing a tutorial could be complex because in my workflow I use 4 softwares and explanation about how to realize a such animation could be long (and for some part, like the Buli, can’t really provide tutorial here because these part was not made in Krita)

Also, not sure here is the place to provides tutorials using software others than Krita.
I was hesitating to post it here as it wasn’t 100% made with Krita… :sweat_smile:

But if there’s a specific part on video on which you want some explanations, I can try to explain it.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I love halftone effects in video :blush:


I read about the all problems you had with making it and I expected your answer to be, “Noooo!”
Thank you for the offer but I won’t stress you any more. :slight_smile:


Ahah thanks.
In all case, I have to open bugs in bugzilla, so I’ll have to prepare some files to be able to explain precisely what happen in which conditions… probably some hours of tests, analysis and pain :crazy_face:


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