Edit the icon of custom brush preset

I can’t find the button allowing me to edit the icon of an existing brush preset. I know I can open the resource directory and manually edit it as an image file, but it’s rather inconvenient and error-prone. Is there a better way?

  • The program has a lot of great icons for making a brush presentation. The ability to edit icons is already implemented, please add the ability to use them fully, replacing the gray background with the last used canvas.

    We can have anything in the left window: a loaded image, a canvas from “settings”, a blank canvas with the ability to draw with a single brush right in it, but as soon as we touch the icons we stumble over an “empty grey canvas”. Yes you can go in reverse order and try to fit the brush to the already set icon but this will not work for all the brushes.

I think it would be the right solution to completely combine these two windows into one: loading an image, drawing on canvas, and overlaying icons with an alpha channel on top of everything.This seems more intuitive.

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I second this. When a new brush is created an icon editor pops up, but there’s no way to get back to it to edit the icon after creation. Is there?

5.0 can do this, 4.4.5 can’t do it, I just discovered this.

I only want to modify the brush preset icon, I will do so.

  1. Click to modify the name of the brush preset.

  2. Click Cancel directly without making changes.

  3. Now you can click to overwrite brush preset.

  4. Modify the brush preset icon and save it.


Thanks @Eranthis_stellata . I tried it but the Save Brush Preset window doesn’t pop up as expected.
Is it OS dependant? I’m on Linux running Krita 4.4.5.

This is Google Translate.

Sorry, I am currently using 5.0prealpha, I thought 4.4.5 is the same.

I tested it on both openSUSE and Windows 10, and 4.4.5 can’t do that, but 5.0prealpha can.

I think this is an improvement of 5.0.

It’s great to hear that it’s coming : )

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