Do you want an icon chooser dialog on Overwrite Brush Preset?

The dialog I have in mind is this:

Right now it’s shown when you click the Save New Brush Preset button, but not when you click Overwrite Brush Preset.

Pros (both not possible before):


  • one more click when you just want to update the settings (it will be prepared so you only need to click Save).

Pinging @Rakurri as the author of (kind of) both feature requests.
Pinging @Y.H.Lai because they wrote Edit the icon of custom brush preset so they might be interested in this one too :slight_smile: It allows you to load an image, so you can first prepare an image and then change the icon.

Because of the enthusiastic response, I pushed it straight to master. Should be available in the next daily build :slight_smile:


Yes :nerd_face:

Umm… forum won’t let me say just ‘yes’ - so I’m saying more words… :upside_down_face:

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thoughts: yes!
i think any kind of intermediate step after clicking overwrite is warranted.

more thoughts: would it also be possible to open this kind of dialog by clicking the thumbnail in the brush editor in case someone just wants to edit the thumbnail and nothing else? maybe a little pen icon appears in the corner of the thumbnail when you hover the cursor over it just to indicate that you can click to edit it.

that would make it a bit redundant to have this dialog when saving/overwriting (though another dialog would probably mean more strings…) but to me it feels more straightforward to click the thing you wish to edit when in the editor :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if I count much as artist, but I don’t overwrite brushes a lot, mostly keep tweaks temporary, so I wouldn’t mind the extra click.

And I do have a few brushes where I just kept the icon but would like to change it, but never bothered because currently it’s rather messy.

But Halcyoen has a point, for changing the preset name we already have a separate edit button that directly writes a new brush version (apparently without saving temporary tweaks), so you could argue it would be more consistent to have that for the icon too.

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Love this way of solving both problems! :grin: Yes!

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I would like this option very much! :slight_smile:
And @Halcyoen idea gets an additional like! :+1:



Please yes, i always find so weird we can only create a brush thumbnail when creating a new brush.

Another thing if possible to edit thumbnails at anytime through that window would be great. I know we can edit the kpp files directly but this way is much faster


Would it be possible to just click it and have it as it always was, and Shift+Click for the menu or something? Or maybe a checkbox “Overwrite menu”. Just quick ideas.

Generally if we must choose one or the other, then yep, please rather activate the dialogue.

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Thanks everyone for the replies! I implemented it and pushed and it will be available in the next daily build.


It’s like magic! :grinning:

So… can I just let you know all the little changes I want and then go to bed and wake up and have them implemented by morning? :thinking:

You can become the official Krita fairy - granter of small manageable wishes… :fairy:


Yes yes. This would be great. Sometimes I change the preset so muchwhile testing the thumbnail becomes quickly out dated. And extra click is no problem considering the extra files I need to keep track before I use the final form of it to use the proper thumbnail for it.