Warning/confirmation dialogue box when overwriting brush presets

Yesterday I used one of my brushes as a base for a new brush, and I clicked the Overwrite Brush instead of Save New Brush Preset by accident. I know that Krita saves backups of my brushes, which I am super glad for, but I still got startled and a tad afraid to not find it again.

I would love to have a prompt that asked me if I am sure that I want to overwrite a brush. I have a fear of accidentally overwriting a brush I love, even though I know I most likely can recover it.
I think this will be even more useful for people new to the program, new users might think that their brush is gone forever!

For instance, when pressing Overwrite Brush, I would love for there to be a prompt asking β€œAre you sure you want to overwrite this brush?”, or something similar!

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