Experimental Pencils and much more

Hi all, You know i am a brush lover. So here i will be posting some crazy ideas or finished ones like this. This idea comes from the fact i have a folder with lot of testing and maybe it will be useful for you.

I think we have good pencils but what about this one? more grain and more possibilities as a shader.
h) Charcoal Grainy Sketch

to load it. go to settings/manage resources/ and then import as a preset. That’s all. Now you have fun sketching whatever you want with a grainy look.


The brush is really nice. Thanks! I really like the brushes you make. They remind me of the pencils I use when sketching traditionally :heart_eyes:!


This is an example on how to use it.

Simple example with mirror active. :wink:


Whoa :exploding_head:

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thanks :slight_smile: looking great and natural!

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@all It would be awesome to see your sketches with this brush. If i see is interesting for the community then i will do more. :wink: in future.

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I’m currently using this brush for sketches and some of my pieces. It’s really nice and encourages my imagination somehow :blush:.

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When somebody says me that something created by me increases creativity in the artist, it means a lot. Thanks

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Thanks for this Ramon! I’ll have a go with it when I get a chance :smile: .

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