Trying to Understand the Brush Engine | Attempt to Replicate a Certain Brush

For context, my favorite brush to use was an experimental charcoal sketch brush Ramon Miranda made sometime ago:

However, my laptop gone crazy one day and the next thing I knew I had to reset it and thus I lost the brush. Although I was able to redownload most of the custom brushes I use in Krita, apparently the charcoal brush I usually use no longer existed so I couldn’t redownload it. As a result, I decided to try replicating it using the brush engine and my vague understanding of how it worked.

I started out by using one of the charcoal brushes that are already in the program–I think it was the medium charcoal brush as the base since its settings are more or less similar to what I was used to. I then started playing around with the settings–particular the Fuzzy Dab and the overall pressure and after several attempts this is what I ended up with:

To me, it’s almost close and looks pretty good but not exactly like the one Ramon made. I know because the way mine behaves at 200 px is not as scattered as the original. Until now, I still don’t quite figure out how it works :sweat_smile:.

Overall, I like the brush I made so far and this experience gave me interesting insight on how the Krita Brush Engine works. Just playing around with the settings can create different kinds of results.

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If you’re lucky, someone may have that brush in their collection and make it available to you for download via a file sharing link.

The good thing that came out of this bad experience is that you’ve had a lot more experience of making your own brushes and what you’ve made does look good.

Maybe another good thing will be that you start using a USB memory stick to store a backup copy of your entire resources folder (and configuration files). :slight_smile:

Have you asked Ramon about it already?
If he does not have it either now I can check my disc if I have it I tend do download stiff even of I don’t need it right away. I can say more later on when I am at the computer again.

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Yeah :sweat_smile:. Thanks :D. It was actually fun experimenting with the brush engine. It does a lot of things. Actually, I’ve been recently making a back-up copy of my resources so in case something happens again at least it’ll be easier to bring back my Krita settings :grin:.

I haven’t asked him about it. Since the file is no longer available, I assumed it got deleted. It would be cool if it happens that you have it on your disk :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@RamonM could you check this thread out?

Hi, I think is this brush.

Let me know if this works ok for you… Thanks @EyeOdin for quoting me. :ok_hand::grin:

I did a cleanup and some folders changed their path.


I did a test sketch and it works like a dream :heart_eyes:!

@RamonM Thanks so much! I know the brush doesn’t define the artist but I just love the look and feel it gives me and my artwork. I’m so happy that I can still use it. Plus, looking at its settings made me figure out what I was lacking in the brush engine. I was so far off with my previous calculations :joy:.

@EyeOdin Thanks for being straight forward and quoting him. I’m often anxious when it comes to asking people, so I tend to think that I’m causing an unnecessary hassle for something minor. That was why I tried to replicate the brush myself in the first place :sweat_smile:.

@AhabGreybeard You’re right. I am lucky that the brush still exists :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Now I can combine it and the one I made as part of my collection of go-to brushes. And…I’ll make a back-up copy incase something bad happens :laughing:.


Yay! I love a happy ending! :partying_face:

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