Feature request: "Watercolor edge" (dark edge) to brush stroke

I tried different methods with the help of other Krita users, but I could not find a method that gave me the result I needed, so I am writing a request.

There is a function in Photoshop and Clip Studio called “watercolor edge”. Roughly speaking, it allows you to add a darker edge to each brush stroke without affecting the rest of the stroke color in any way.
The counterpart to this is a “layer style” when you apply a stroke that outlines the entire drawn object on the current layer.
Being able to apply a “dark edge” to every stroke would be great for stylized work.
I have attached images below that are not mine, but they nicely show the idea.
(link to original author of images here https://twitter.com/KayR801/status/1432823203555020804 )

And here’s another example on hair (mine this time).


What about the brush, Waterpaint _Soft_Edges? Was that one tried?

I tried many different brushes and tried to tweak them myself. The point is that this is not about the “watercolor” feeling of the brush. This is about the edge of the stroke when it is darker than the selected color, even if the stroke itself is absolutely opaque, like with a hard round brush. Watercolor edge is just a symbolic name used by other programs. Roughly speaking, making a brushstroke you get a brushstroke in the selected color + as if you outlined it with a liner. This can speed up comic-style work, for example, because you don’t have to draw a line sketch for some detail.

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I would love this feature as well! :grin: When I tried replicating Clip’s dark edges I couldn’t for the life of me achieve the same dark effect while keeping the colour the same when I tested.
The closest I came was with RGBA brushes, but that looked very yuck :nauseated_face:

The feature Leventart suggest would be awesome for a lot more than just watercolour I believe! :grin:


Something like that can be done in Infinite Painter so I’m guessing that Krita could possibly do it too.
Infinite Painter uses a profile to get it to do that.

This is just an example of the brush head that is used:

And here are two profiles:


I don’t know all the ins and outs of the brush editor in Krita but isn’t there some sort of profile box to affect the brush this way?

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This might be similar to the masked brush approach in Krita that results in brushes like these?

I like it and it’s powerful in letting the user decide how the watercolour edge behaves - but, it makes the core transparent, and therefore not the same effect as other programs (You can’t for instance paint with an opaque brush or get the same colour as you have picked :pensive: )

I think a comparison shows it off the best (Left: Original colour. Right: brush stroke example)




It’s good to know that this can be done, but I haven’t found any such settings in Krita. Maybe they are hidden for the average user because I am not that technically savvy.

I went hunting about tapering the brush head and found this video on YouTube:
KRITA 4.4.3 INTRO TO BRUSHES - Editing Brushes (pressure and tapering) - YouTube and go to time stamp:
04:51 Customizing a basic round brush: Modifying the brush to be tapered.

Now to experiment with the shape of the brush head. Maybe what you wanted is possible. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:

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Yes, I know about such a setting, but unfortunately I did not find anything that would lead to the result I needed. But thanks anyway! =)
I will continue to experiment anyway, but I don’t think it will work.

As Rakurri noted above, you can do a similar effect with a brush mask but it kills the base color. If you could only push the brush mask to the edges and leave it blank in the middle of the brush stroke.
But these are all casts that would still take time every time.


Well, this is my attempt. I get kinda close but some strokes leave artifacts.

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Yes, but can you make a brushstroke opaque and still have a darker edge? I have not been able to achieve this, that is the problem.
Like this.

I wonder if @RamonM world be able to figure it out, have you tagged him earlier?
(I didn’t see your original post when you first asked before this thread)

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No, I didn’t. I wasn’t sure if it was worth his attention -.-

Some of the pics remind me of the stroke layer effect, but that only applies to the outer edge of what’s on the layer.

Looking through the thread I think actually the RGBA approach Rakurri tried might be the key. Maybe trying a sharper, more contrasty tip would yield better results.


It would be a good feature, it is difficult to imitate the effect.


I think it could be implemented as a layer effect, this is how SAI handles it.

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Yes, you’re right, I mentioned the layer style as an example of the desired effect, but it really only applies to the entire layer and not to the brushstroke separately.

I understand that you can make a specific brush tip and try to approximate the effect, but this does not solve the problem if you want to apply this effect often and with different brushes and have full control over the color of the brush stroke.

I have no technical knowledge, so I don’t know how difficult it is to add this feature, but I would really like it to be in this program. Ideally, if you could choose an edge color on a brushstroke, it would be a mind blown and add a lot to the stylized work. But I understand that this is probably too much.


Yes, you can use a layer style, but it applies to everything on the layer and I need to apply it to every single stroke.

This looks interesting! Is it Krita 5? Strange but I don’t have this setting in mine Krita 5. What version number do you have?

Yeah - I understand and think this would be a valuable addition. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

p.s. I did just have a quick go and the RGBA tip works quite well - but you do need to keep the leading and back edges open so limited in what brush styles you can use.