Gathering the Resources in 2022. Your bundle in the main page! Krita needs your help

What we have now
I think we need to gather the resources (bundles, patterns, plugins). And imho they would need to be in the page. WHY?:open_mouth: KA is a forum and the section about bundles is pure text.

And also contains TEST bundles. So the new user that wants to explore can be a bit confused. Maybe stats could be helpful or search box and then type for example “Xx-whatever” But i think images promotes better. is a superb Krita showcase, but good resources would need to be at 1 click or 2 to be downloaded.
I think the resources are a bit hidden, because you need to know that there is a link to resources when you go to learn Krita section

I propose to just modify a bit the page in resources. Showing everything with a good look and more informative.

imagine you go to and then go to a NEW section resources in the top part and Done! Everything you want to explore is there ; also it is good for promotion, because users see a lot of content and a lot of artists, working with Krita.

I would like to see a place with beauty preview images to promote the bundle. A bit of explanation below . Credits (author, compatibility for Krita 4,5, date…whatever you find interesting). and a button to link to donate to help Krita development.

Imo, giving links that go in a different direction (google drive, personal url, deviant art…)is not coherent, i think we can talk with creators to locate the bundle or resources in the same place. (also concept art, and Vasco links are broken)

if you say yes, i can prepare images for all my bundles created for Youtube videos.

We can talk here about dimensions for the template.

Also i am planing to free all my patterns for paper, canvas, rocks, ben-day to make our resources site more powerfull. :fire::fire:

So @wojtryb @TheFlow @Deevad , @Rakurri, @wolthera @scottyp and everybody (sorry if i miss somebody here) What do you think?

PD: @raghukamath I will create the banner for promotion tomorrow. :wink:


I think you’re spot on. I remember when first discovering Krita, brushes and other resources where a great deal, and I was very curious about all that. I think that is important to show. Not only does it signal that there is a lot to download, it also shows that you can do that yourself - adjust, edit and create. That would be nice to show to the rest of the world.


Great idea. I’m active on the Krita Reddit – every day there’s someone looking for brushes who didn’t know about the resources at

When I’m helping them find brushes, I’m torn between linking to the resource page and the brushes category here on the forum because the forum seems more up to date. Having a single spot for resources would be fantastic.

Edit: Oh, and making the resources more obvious and easier to find, as you mentioned, would make it double fantastic. :smile:


Great idea! I love the idea of having a clear place with resources, as that is THE first thing I look for when using a new painting application!


Yes, I’m in. Let us know the size of picture you need for a thumbnail and I’ll make ones for my bundles.


This sounds great! Having had a lot of problems with downloads, it would be great to have this central place, and including good illustrations showing what the brushes really look like would be ideal.

Are you proposing a central repository where we can upload resources? That’s something I’d like to see, and I think has been discussed before on the forum. If we can reduce friction/barriers for resource creators it would benefit everyone.


As discussed on developer chat: once the details of the page layout are settled, I’ll update my brushpack’s thumbnail/description/showcase to the new standard :slight_smile:

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Yes!, please! I’ve been trying to add my vector libraries to the resources section in the manual but it’s impossible!

Will this be hosted under or here on KA? If the page will be hosted under domain, is @scottyp in the loop, because I think there is some talk about migrating the to hugo static site.

Regarding the support for banners topic and all other things concerned in KA I will help you no issues :slight_smile:

Regarding my own brush pack, I have only one old bundle, I do not know if anyone uses it. But I can give you the thumbnail for it.

I’ll finish up my bundle soon, but need to reduce it a bit because I’m not happy with all the brushes in it and made some more. Of course I’m in, sounds like a good plan!

I am really happy to see you all here :smiley: . Do you like this layout? We need @scottyp here to give some guidelines about dimensions available to make things easy.

I leave here the svg if you want to modify it to arrange things in other way or remove or add things.

or here: (i don’t know how to make click here and automatically download so click RMB and save as)


Good idea. It may be nice to have a system to warn the user that the bundle has been updated.


It downloads automatically after clicking the link. No need to “save as”.

Also There could be a section that shows the approx. size of the bundle or the number of brushes? It would be very coinvent for it impacts heavily on Krita (The bigger the bundles, the more time Krita takes to load).


Looks great! Thanks for the 2nd link too. :slight_smile: An idea I had was if the box on the right could have click-throughs to scroll through images of all the brushes in the bundle.

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Well, i think that is related with css code but of course it would be interesting to have an slide show.

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There is a lot of work going on with moving to a different technology. That is going to take a while, so any changes we do will probably be done in that…not the existing

We do need to spend some time arranging content on That will be a separate conversation than this. There are some pages/sections we can consolidate on, and others we might be able to just have in the footer.

For the navigation on, we can go in two different directions

  1. something closer to how we currently do it (and how blender kind of does it)
  2. Do something more similar to clip studio paint that puts the art resources at the top more and move all the about type information to the footer.

I could see a case for going the second route where we leave licensing details and all the about us type stuff in the footer. The purpose of is to try to help people understand what krita is, why they should use it, and provide all the benefits of getting it in the first place (as well as allowing people to download it). We have sections like “Get involved” in the top navigation. That might need to be more buried down on the footer as that doesn’t really help people decide on whether they want to use Krita to begin with.

Long story short, I think making some of the resources and tutorial information on is a good idea.


My rough ideas:

  • instead of the same width for the two images, use something closer to golden ratio
  • in fact, merge promo with showcase image - rectangular images seem cooler than squares (opinion). It doesn’t have to be THAT wide as in my example, but I would like to have only one pack in one line instead of current 3.
  • very clear rules, and a template how the thumbnail should be organized (how much space for promo and showcase, where does the title, author name, logo go). Everybody does the thumbnail, typography, transition between two zones on their own, but with well made template it should look different but coherent.
  • on mouse hover, the thumbnail fades and the buttons and description is displayed. I think that it makes sense to hide as much text as possible and display it only on demand, as we’re all visual people who look for cool looking stuff first.

I really like the idea of displaying the amount of brushes in a pack.
I guess I’m the only one who gives multiple versions of my pack, but I’ll live with that - I guess download button will have to download all the variants…

  • On second thought: donate button while it’s important may feels redundant as all of those donate buttons point to a specific location. Maybe move the donate button at the top of the page, near the “Resources”, and replace the second button in each brushpack with something like link to author site/ their resources or basically something author oriented

Honestly I have been fidgiting to make a personal web site with the stuff I made as I know few peoples reads the manual and I need easy way to showcase things so they don’t get lost in endless threads.

But for my brush pack I guess that could work as it does not need as much exposition.

Where would this be hosted though? The current system has locked me out so if it is yet another Linux barrier for entry I doubt I will be around much.

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A wish here: please don’t forget “license” in the mockups. Thanks!