Help in designing new emoji set for krita-artists forum

We can upload our own custom emoji’s to the forum software. It would be cool to have emoji with kiki or something related to art and krita. So I invite members of this forum to help me in this endeavour. We will start with few may be 4-5 emoji’s

The design should be good if viewed in small size. The license should be CC-BY-SA and you should give permission for us to use it on this website.

This is new feature I got to know so I want to experiment so there may be some new things we will get to know while implementing this.



Which format for emojis files?
Which size?


I searched for the information on discourse forum. It says the emoji are image files, png would be good. They will be automatically resized to 20 x 20 pixels :expressionless: so we need to consider this while making it. I’ll search more about the size. Please bear with me :slight_smile: I got excited and made the post. I should have collected the information before hand.


I read this post - Configure custom emoji - admins - Discourse Meta

it says we can also custom size for specific emoji via css, So we can have a big emoji too, but we need to consider how it will look in between posts etc. So for now lets make it 100 x 100 while designing and check if it looks good in 20 x 20 and then we can assign bigger sizes for selected ones.

No problem :slight_smile:

looking HTML code, it’s currently 72x72 PNG files, resized to 20px

Maybe need to keep this in mind: provide a 72x72 png file, ans ensure that when resized to 20x20 rendering is still correct.



Yeah 72 x 72 is good size, And yes we need to check if it scales down well to 20 x 20

I would like to see some @deevad’s Carrot faces for cat emoji :innocent:
:smiley_cat: :joy_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :scream_cat: :crying_cat_face:



Those would be cool and also one kiki emoji as well.


I got you guys covered! May I help design some emoji? :eyes:

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Sure, all help is welcome. We can make it together.

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Awesome! I can try to get ideas as soon as possible.

Raghu…be careful, there might be a lot of sausage emojis coming your way :sweat_smile:


Who knows… :upside_down_face:



Having the most common Krita interface icons as emojis would even help with support, sometimes.


Especially the download Icon here.

I think a small set of Kiki emojis would be good.
Somewhat like these:
:smiley: :astonished: :sweat: :worried: :joy: :cry: :sob:
That would be up to you, but I don’t mind making one.

Some ideas representing the sketch stage of digital art.

Happy Kiki

Excited Kiki, could be used for announcements or general comments.


Wow I really like the Excited kiki. Does it scale down well?

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Thanks! I haven’t tried to see yet. These were mostly concepts. :grin:
I tried rescaling it to 20 x 20, it loses detail, but may work. I might have to work on it.

What about not shrinking to 20px emoji? URAVERAGEBOI did a great Kiki!
I tried to solve the 20px problem, but it was either not readable or the character was poorly recognized


Yeah, it needs to simple with less details for it to be recognised in that size. Also you can use transparent png so that we don’t get square background.

I don’t claim anything х)
I was just wondering how to solve this problem
And I’ll try to work on it some more