Help: Pen turns into eraser when canvas is moved

I’m new to this forum so I hope this is all set up correctly.

I use a Huion tablet model: H610PRO

I recently downloaded Krita onto a new PC (I’ve used it on a laptop for a while) and I noticed that any time I use the button on the stylus to move/ shift the canvas it turns my pen into an eraser and I have to undo it every single time. I am pretty much unable to use the program because of this, as it happens every few seconds.

I downloaded the driver for the stylus from the Huion tablet site, and it works wonderfully with everything other than this one hiccup.

I’d appreciate any advice!

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That sounds like spacebar is mapped to that stylus button. You should look into the shortcut settings in your tablet driver.

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Does the brush preset in use get changed into an eraser brush preset (as observed on the status bar at the left) or does ‘Set eraser mode’ get activated (as observed on the eraser mode icon on the Toolbar)?

The stylus button that’s used to pan the canvas is usually mapped to the Space key or the MMB (Middle Mouse Button) and either of those will work to pan the canvas.
Does your canvas pan normally at the same time as the eraser thing happens or does it not pan?
Do you see the cursor become a hand icon?

Using the keyboard and the mouse, do the Space key and MMB each work to pan the canvas with no problem?

Apart from this problem, does the stylus paint/draw normally with proper pressure sensitivity?

Thank you for responding!

I am not totally sure what things are named specifically so I’ll do my best to describe. Also I almost never use keyboard shortcuts in tandem with the stylus, so I am a bit unfamiliar as to which keys do what.

I am not sure how to check presets or how to get into the driver settings. I’m sorry for the ignorance.

The MMB and the Space bar work perfectly without the eraser issue, I was unaware of this option, thank you. I will definitely be using the space bar option if I can’t fix the stylus.

The canvas does pan how I want it to when it becomes an eraser. The eraser icon at the top of the screen between brush settings and opacity lights up and turns off again as I pan with each click.

The cursor does become a little hand icon when it is moving the canvas. Little grabby hand.

Other than that the stylus appears to function perfectly well with pressure sensitivity.

Thanks again I really appreciate it.

A quick note about keyboard actions:
Depending on personal preference and ability to bend/flex fingers, people do use the Space key and stylus touch-move to pan the canvas instead of using the stylus button. Other useful ones are Ctrl+Space which will zoom the canvas with up/down stylus movement. Shift+Space will rotate the canvas with stylus movement.

The eraser mode toggle is the ‘E’ key so I’ve no idea why a stylus button press should be causing this especially since it works ok to pan the canvas.
If the eraser mode is set active by the stylus button panning action, does a further stylus button panning action turn the eraser mode off?

Are you using krita 4.4.3 and Windows 10?
4.4.3 was recently released so you might want to update to that if you’re on 4.4.2.

Is the Huion driver on your new PC a recent download of the latest Huion driver or is it the one you also used on your laptop for some time?
You should use the latest Huion driver for the PC.
If you need to update it, disconnect the tablet, uninstall the old driver, restart the PC, install the new driver, restart the PC, connect the tablet, run krita.

Given that the stylus works normally to paint with good pressure sensitivity, I’m not going to suggest swapping the krita settings from Wintab to Windows Ink (or vice versa).

However, as a quick check, go to Settings → Tablet Settings and note if the Wintab or the Windows Ink box is enabled.
If it’s Wintab, make sure that Windows Ink is disabled in the Windows system settings. If it’s set to Windows Ink at the krita side, make sure that Windows Ink is enabled in the Windows system settings.

You can’t go much further with this unless you use the Huion tablet settings/config utility which will be there on your PC and you may be able to find it by typing ‘Huion’ or ‘tablet’ in the search box of your Windows menu.
The tablet settings/config utility will have all kinds of settings adjustments in it, any of which could be related to this problem.

EDIT:Add: Also, note this topic:
Bug with my Huion Tablet and Krita
and especially the reply from @halla.

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