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Hi, I need a little help here. I kind of know how the animation workspace works. But I am still a beginner and as I was trying to animate something, it became a big mess. This animation is devided in three different szenes and no matter what I do all of them are visible at the same time.

I don’t know what I did to create this mess. I’ll put a picture of my krita window here so you guys can tell me what I did wrong. It also shows how the mess looks like. Maybe it has something to do with the order of the keyframes idk.

Here are a little more details: You see that some rows with key frames are invisible. Those are the same key frames that are visible in the first row. I copied them there, because I thought that would solve my problem. I noticed this mess when I was done with putting up the keyframes and played it to see how it looks. I thought the problem would be solved when I put every keyframe in a single row. Before every szene had it’s own row. I would like to provide the .kra file, but I don’t know how to do that.

It is in german, so if someone needs transaltions tell me please. Thank you in advance.

It’s difficult to say without having the .kra file for examination.
I notice that you have some layer groups visible, Frame3 etc that are not part of the animation (I assume). Only part of your timeline is visible so that is another thing that raises questions about what is there and what should not be there.

Can you take a look at what is visible and what you really need to be visible and see if that gives you any clue to what is happening?

If not, then please get back and describe the problem in more detail and maybe provide the .kra file.

Edit:addition: You can provide the .kra file by posting a link to a file sharing website (e.g or similar site) or your personal Dropbox sharing service (or similar service) if you have one.

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I think I know what I did wrong now. I didn’t use the animation tool from the very beginning. I drew the pictures with the normal drawing tool and then I was so stupid and thought that I could just flip on the animation toll and start animating. I guess that’s why all of it is visible at the same time. I have to start again from scratch.

Thanks AhabGreybeard for trying to help

No problem. Everybody makes lots of mistakes when starting to use animation. I know I did :slight_smile:

This section of the manual may be useful for you, but some parts do need updating:

If you have any more problems or questions just come here to ask about them.

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