How can I support Krita?

Well actually there is plenty :slight_smile:

  • financially support Krita: either by donation, buying something from the store (like Digital Atelier bundle), or buying Krita on Windows Store or Steam or buying the “Supporter’s Badge” on Play Store.
  • the most useful and also the easiest to get into is… helping other users. There is plenty of help requests every day for example on reddit (r/krita). They are here on KA too. A bit of patience and knowledge about Krita can go a long way. Some time ago I was able to handle them all; but right now, it’s just waaaaay too big, even when @Rakurri and @Rebecca (…I hope I tagged the correct Rebecca :smiley: ), LainFenrir and other people help me there a lot.
    I cannot really help there anymore, but I’m always really sad seeing all the questions being unanswered.
  • helping with Krita Manual -
  • bug triaging - going to and checking Krita bugs that are in “REPORTED” state. It’s a bit more technical
  • focused testing - like testing the mesh transform tool right now :slight_smile:
  • beta testing - just downloading either the beta version, or “Krita Plus” from the website, and using it for some time to see if nothing is broken
  • implementing new Python plugins
  • implementing new features for Krita, for example from this list: Beginner coding tasks in Krita: easy and short feature requests, ready to implement or fixing bugs

I think it’s just about all… in any case, I’d really appreciate more people involved in user support. Here I can see that most posts are answered; but on reddit right now, most are not answered for a long time, sometimes never. If those are about technical issues, it might be the difference between them being able to use Krita or having to give up on it and look for something else.


Check! :+1:

Ok, I’ll try on the forum… :grinning: :+1:

Ok, what needs to be done there?

I am really not a developer but I’ll report a bug when I see one.

Ok, I’ll give it a go.


Well, I wanted to learn Python for a long time now. Maybe a missing feature would be a good motivation.

Ok, interesting, might fit in with learning coding a bit.

Hm, I really don’t use Reddit, sorry. But i like this forum and I try to be active.

Anyways, Thank you very much for this extensive list. You should pin it somewhere for other people. Thank you very much for taking the time! :grinning: :+1:


Actually, one of the things I’d like to have in a Krita Manual is a big pretty page with like a map of all possible things to do in Krita :slight_smile: Ranging from the least technical to the most technical. It would be cool if it could have images like Building Krita has (, but even just text and a simple graph/map will be a great help (I’m thinking of something likeśli-vadim-gierko-kreatywne-notatki-łowca-pomysłów.jpg or something else nice, at first it can be just a vector art, first priority is to get it clear and obvious for the reader that one doesn’t need to be a coder :slight_smile: ).

Other than that, I have a specific task that would improve user support: - I’ve made it to keep track of all the things I wanted to add but… I just have no time to do it now, especially think through etc., but maybe something from there would interest you.

There are of course sections “Introduction to Krita from X” where X is another art program; but that require a knowledge of another art program, of course.

And there is lots of other tasks here:

And there are smaller tasks like (1) - someone followed the tutorial and it turned out that an additional step is needed (you can see what is needed in my comment) and (2) - here it just needs some additional information how exactly the user needs to press to get it (since it’s not obvious).

Also btw, bug triaging is not the same as bug reporting: bug triaging happens after someone reports a bug. It’s basically opening the bug report and checking what’s inside, is the bug valid, can I reproduce/repeat the issue, shouldn’t the reporter go to the user support forum like KA first, etc. It’s not exactly a non-technical work, but it’s easier than coding; often you just need to try to replicate the problem or ask the user for more data if you cannot replicate. Then you need to change the status of the bug appropriately. There is a Manual page that explains it:

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I moved the posts to a separate thread to not disturb other users :slight_smile:

The alpha channel editing in Krita can be used in a cool undestructive way that photoshop doesn’t allow.
The procedure actually described in Krita’s manual is very complete but seems very tedious just to make a small edit in a channel.

An quick easy and non destructive solution is just to add a new empty layer on top of the layer to edit and put it to “copy to {color}” then paint white to add some of this channel or black to diminish it and finally transparent to be neutral.