How does Krita perform with the xp pen star 03 v2?

I’ve been using Krita with the Huion HS64 and noticed that the software randomly make straight lines as I draw with moderate-high stabilization. I’ve read in the Krita manual that the star 03 express touch allegedly “works”, so how about the star 03 v2? There appears to be no difference other than more pressure sensitivity.

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If the star 03 works then it’s highly likely that the star 03 v2 will also work.
XP-Pen tablets in general seem to work fine with krita.

With the H264 and the ‘straight lines’, does this problem look similar to the effect in this topic:
Lines become jagged/angular after drawing for while

Does pressure sensitivity work ok with the HS64?

Can you upload a full screen screenshot showing this after it’s happened?

First of all it would be good to know which OS you’re even on, because issues like these are usually more software issues than actual hardware issues. It might be the drivers, the macOS OpenGL issues Krita has, also Krita 4.4.5 has some hiccup issues, so maybe try going back to 4.4.3 first.

About the “V2” version, it can have completely new internal hardware, so it’s a legitimate question. I know the Deco 01 V2 needs very different driver code than non-V2 (because I researched Linux driver support before buying one) since it gained tilt support, USB-C and Android compatibility…can’t find much info on the Star 03 versions though.

But still, the drivers usually share as much code as possible for all supported tablets, like all the OS and application specific stuff, so I wouldn’t expect any difference in compatibility with the official drivers.