How does stabiliser in Krita work?

This was a topic from @Kaiser from another thread. Here is what they wrote about the stabiliser in krita when compared to csp.

quote=“Kaiser, post:55, topic:47080”]
or me a simpler version of brush stabilization similar to CSP.
It’s frustrating to use Krita’s stabilization, or it looks like there’s nothing or makes the brush too slow.
Before they say that you can configure, I’ve already tried to increase and decrease the values one by one to more or less.
The feel is completely different between Krita and CSP.

We can use this thread to test and analyse krita’s stabiliser

My answer from another thread -

For stabilizer, this is an info that I got from discord. The person was migrating from csp to Krita and was trying out the stabilizer. They said that the Krita’s weighted stabilizer is similar to csp only that the value in Krita need to be 10 times the value in csp. For example 32 in clip would be 320 distance in krita. you need to add 0 to the value you use in csp.

Of course this is not my observation since I have not used csp that extensively, I am just paraphrasing what I heard. It may help you but I can’t guarantee, it won’t hurt to try.


Thanks for the help, I had already noticed this myself, even changing the settings is very different, in the CSP I use the number 6 at most, in the krita even putting 60 or more it is not even close to the sensation, in the krita below 60 it does not stabilize enough , above 65 I already start to notice a delay in the brush. In CSP I just need to choose between 0 and 6, without lag in the brush. In Krita the basic function doesn’t stabilize enough, the weighted function if I disable smooth pressure it gets worse, scalable distance and stroke ending I don’t see or feel any difference if they are activated or at the maximum. And Krita still has this problem of straight or dotted parts in her brushes when making curves, circles, more visible in some brushes than others.

If you dont mind we can discuss and compare things about stabiliser in a separate thread? I’ll move you latest test to a new one. It might help us to guage the stabiliser and others too.

@Kaiser Basic information about the stabiliser is given in this documentation. It is better to read this once before we continue with out experimentation and trial

The only “stabilization” option I like in Krita is the dynamic brush tool. It has a predictive, orbital feel to it. It’s pretty simple in configuration as well: Mass determines the “weight” of the stroke object while Drag determines the “gravity” towards the stroke object. It’d be nice if it was integrated with the freehand brush tool rather than being a separate tool.


No problem, I did some more tests on the Weighted smoothing option using at most Distance 63.5 and Distance 3.0.
For me, Distance 63.5 was the closest I could configure according to my taste in CSP, which is stabilization at 6.
I tested all brushes, during the tests I found 3 that no matter the configuration always have extreme lag and impossible to use and they are all from Mypaint.

I did several tests with the Stroke Ending, Smooth Pressure and Scalable Distance options, and these 3 brushes were the ones that were most affected by disabling Smooth Pressure and Scalable Distance, making the Distance option irrelevant, as if it were turned off.

Stroke Ending putting 0 or 1.0 can’t see anything different, even the manual says that this option always result in a straight line, i dont see any difference.

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I don’t know if mypaint brushes support stabiliser since they are kind of non native. But if it doesn’t work then it could be a bug. I’ll do some tests too and report here

Thank you very much @tom , I hadn’t used this tool yet, and after try it the tool are really good.
I don’t paint yet, maybe the freehand tool is more for painting and not lineart.
Tested one of the problematic brush, usign freehand and dynamic tools, in dynamic the straigh line does not appear.

For me i going to drop down the freehand tool, I will test it again when I start painting, for me freehand is inferior to dynamic tool for lineart, i not a pro and this is my experience usingboth tools.


There is also Freehand Path Tool worth checking out. It works in vector layers too.