How to activate Brush Mode for a brush?

I wanted to activate the “Brush Mode” to adjust the contrast in a default smudge brush but it’s greyed out. Is there a way to turn this mode on?

I think the brush tip needs to be different. To apply contrast it needs values (greys) i think.
chisel-grey patttrn22


Interesting! I’ve got to investigate this. :thinking:

@tachiko did you try that image as a brush tip? Does it work for you?

So, (making a guess) did you snag the original brush tip (png, or jpg?) And edit it? :thinking:

I used a basic brush with a lot of spacing to make it. I used some steps to get outline smooth. And yes it does work with lightnessmap.

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Success! Thank you!

But when I make long strokes, it gets sluggish. I’m still playing around with adjusting the spacing though.

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Resulting brush:

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