how to create a mosaic of drawings in Krita?

these are examples of scanned drawings of mine, that combine into one giant drawing. the work is onging and very large. 5 years worth of scanned drawing need to be combined. i am very new to digital art, is there a tutorial help me do this?

thanks in advance for any help

Hi Cyberdelic,

You could slowly build your giant drawing by bringing your scans into krita (each of them will become a new layer), then you can resize the canvas as needed (image -> resize canvas) and use the move tool to combine these drawings into your giant drawing.

Depending on your computer and the size of your final drawing, it may happen that things start to get too computer intensive though, in which case you will need to lower the resolution (image -> Scale Image to New Size).

There may be other solutions, including using other software if combining the drawings is all you want to do. But this is one, using Krita.

Your drawings look cool by the way! :slight_smile:

Krita file layers might be helpful - on the layers dock, next to new layer button you can expand this arrow to import any of those scanned files. Then use move to tool to make them fit.
This way you don’t need to store all this data in your file.

thanks for the quick response,all. follow up questions and a new inquiry:
i watched some tutorials and read included manual. i was able to successfully get some images to the canvas. i shuffled them around for a few minutes, and Krita will crash, forcing me to close the program. this seems to happen as i try to import more drawings to add layers.
why does this crash happen?
perhaps my PC is not adequate to handle it?
its i7cpu 16g ram.

or is it a software issue?

We’d need more specifics about how and when the crashes happen, but in any case you could try the Krita 4.4 beta. There were some bug fixes that might cover your issue. See:

I have a feeling that this is partly because of the Undo capability of krita along with another situation with RAM usage that I’ve started to look at.
(I intend to raise a topic about it soon before going into formal bug reporting mode.)
Can you run your Task Manager as you’re doing your mosaic adjustment work and regularly check how much RAM that krita is using?

Are you following the suggestion by @wojtryb of using file layers or are you loading the images as paint layers inside krita?

As a possible help, but not a definite cure, can you go to
Settings -> Configure Krita -> General group -> Miscellanaeous tab
and set the Undo stack size: to zero., then press the OK button.

Also, in Settings ->Configure Krita -> Performance group -> General tab,
set your RAM memory limit to 13GB (don’t have any other applications running at the same time) and your Swap File Size limit to 6GB (assuming you have enough space on your hard drive).

Since all you’re doing is moving images around, the loss of Undo capability won’t be a big problem for you. As I said, it may help a bit.

If the RAM usage starts to get too big, as noted by the Task Manager, you can Save your work so far as a .kra file, close krita and then restart it and Open your .kra file to do more work on it.

hi again, and thanks for the suggestion. i downloaded the latest update 4.4.0. watched some tutorial vids. i can get the images into the layer dock. , even click the eyeball icon to shuffle thru them, by default they end up stacked on one another. after following above suggestion, now my recurring problem is when resizing the canvas to fit new drawings. every time i change the numeric values, to expand and have more work area, it crashes. if its of any use: i used the task mgr widow to watch, see a few bumps in cpu, and memory during process but no where near peaking. examples of the image and file type my drawings are formatted in are in earlier posts

this is from last year, about this time, so its actually bigger now, but you can see the scale

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