How to keep a commonly used figure handy in Krita?

Lets say I have a drawing or picture element that I often want to add to various paintings. For example, this could by my signature.

I can keep this element in a separate .kra file and then open that file and copy the layer and insert into my painting every time… However, that is rather clumsy. Is it possible to keep something like that around as a “template layer” or something like that? Or maybe even a brush?

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I guess you could make a brush out of your signature and save it in your favorites. But this sparked an idea for Krita to have an actual symbol library! ( edited to ask if we CAN create a symbol library ourselves?)


The cleanest way would be, in my opinion, to use the PhotoBash Plugin.

It’s a plugin distributed in Krita 5 and up, but not activated, so you don’t have to install anything, afaik. You just need to go to the Settings, Python script, and activate it (a checkbox), close Krita, restart Krita and then you’ll get the docker in your usual list of dockers.

Once you have it, you’ll be able to insert any PNG or JPG on your disk in one click. PNG with transparency can make for sure good template for a signature, or a title, or textures, guidelines, perspective grid…etc… This video will show you how to use:


Great idea!


Yes, we can!

And you can find more topics about it, I for example have a reflex that makes me automagically ask the omniscient magnifying glass icon at the top of this forum in such cases where I am looking for something…



Thank you!


Using the signature example: another option is to use Inkscape’s automatic vectorization to convert the drawing to vector. You save the file as “Plain SVG” and the file cannot contain any layers.

I’ve done this with some basic shapes and you can import them right into Krita. AhabGreybeard did better and put them in symbols library, see here.

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I tried following that guide.
I saved my signature as PNG from Krita.
Then imported signature PNG in Inkscape. Saved as Plain SVG.

Now I tried to import this to Symbols Library from Krita Manage Resources. But it wont do it.
I also tried manually moving my sig.svg into Kritas Resource folder in the Symbols folder. Krita does not seem to show it in the Symbols Library Docker.

What to do?

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You don’t want to save it as a plain svg. Here’s a link to Ramon’s video where he shows how to save the objects and get them ready to import into Krita’s library. The section you need starts at 11:57.

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Hi. Did you vectorize your signature in Inkscape? You need to vectorize it by going to Path > Trace bitmap. I’ve given an example of the process here… but you need to know the basics of Inkscape and how to deal with vectors within it or it won’t work.