How your workspace in krita looks like

Unlike other similar software that I have used before, Krita is by far the most customizable. So I presume, everyone have different UI elements layout depends on their works and preference too. Though I stick to almost default looks closer to that of the older version with Color selector and overview at the top right and layer, brush, and tool option grouped together at the bottom right.

So, how the layout of your krita workspace looks like?

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This is my setup.

  1. Windowed

  2. Full-screen-mode


This is my usual workspace:

I have tried this one but it’s slightly crazy and needs manual adjustment every time I start:

This is my setup

I really like the HSY’ color selector, especially when doing some photo studies.

that’s a lot of dedicate window outside krite itself. .

that felt more like video editor than a painting program

Looks pretty tidy. and the brushes is on the left side. Is it based on clipstudio/sai/medibang?

I migrated from photoshop last June, and have a similar UI setup there.
Maybe it is based on CSP/SAI before I started using photoshop in 2014.

Mine looks like this, it isn’t very special, but I like it this way. Even though I often switch to either a default or a new one, I often bounce back to this one, at least, for a while.

This is mine…


It will depend of what I’m currently doing…

  1. Drawing
  2. Drawing animated stuff
  3. Animation assembly
    (ie: drawings with pen/tablet are finished, I’m processing everything that is easier/faster to do with keyboard/mouse on a large monitor and with high CPU/memory available)

For the 3rd one, here is my workspace:

  • Timeline
  • Onion skin
  • Layers
  • Brush
  • Tools option/Palette/Colors



scratchpad. . . so you tried the brush first before applying it?

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wait. . . that’s android version? is it actually useful? last time i tried it it’s not working great.

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Yes, it works ok. A few problems with the layout and menus, as well as with brush and bundle creation, but mostly, it works nicely for drawing and painting. The paintings in my portfolio here were created with Krita Mobile. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:

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My workspace is very similar to Big_Paint_2
I like to keep everything simple and have lots of room for the things I do have.

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Here’s mine! I try to have a minimalistic UI to not distract my eyes too much.

I have to admit I still basically use the default workspace like, for years.

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which theme is that one

let me guess. . . big paint mode?

No, it’s actually really called Default when you look in the workspace presets x3. Although I added the undo history and palettes docker as tabs.

The screen is from my laptop but the layout is the same on my workstation just with different docker sizes because I have UHD resolution there.

Guess you can call me a basic bitch. x3