I have an idea

I have a good idea, it be nice if whenever use the photoshop. You should give us an option to record the photo projects how it was progress and done from beginning to end. If we dont want to use it anymore. It pauses and resumes where we left off at our progress making any picture projects on it. Oh by the way, Krita should have simplified texts words and description similar to collage android apps. You guys should take an example how collage apps operates and implement that element from collage texts picture apps into Krita??? We should try to preserve Krita main source code for the next 50 years and people might discover the origin of Krita. And making animation videos editing too on Krita. Krita should be have similar techniques like Adobe and Sony Vegas. And if you combine both ideas all into one. Krita would be in the top ten used photoshop programs. We should have a light version of Krita on Android and Apple? You guys should look at Unreal Engine idea making animation and work gaming companies like Activision, Rockstargames and Capcom. Maybe Krita could be the main source for Gaming and Local Cities companies. If Krita be like collaborating with Deviantart.com https://www.deviantart.com/namenotrequired/art/Contacting-the-DeviantArt-Help-Desk-325138697
Maybe you guys should join forces with Deviantart, They are also a artwork website social community where people share their art. Im just giving ideas and suggestions. What did you guys think? Thank you for reading


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Hmm ohhh

That what I said… ???

This reads like a six year old child’s letter to Santa Claus.

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:slight_smile: Hello @Vaj_Xeej_Lauj, and welcome to the forum!

In addition to what @Grum999 had already correctly noted, I have great difficulty grasping the content of your text.
To improve the comprehensibility of texts, it is helpful to structure one’s texts and insert paragraphs, this increases the readability of a text and supports those who are supposed to read and understand it in grasping the content of the text, quite in contrast to the block of text you delivered.

For your text, I suspect it is a bad computer translation.
If your text was translated by a computer, would you be willing to try another software for translation, provided that this software supports your language? I would like to suggest DeepL, which is a very good translator and can translate Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and over 20 other languages:

If your native language is not among the languages translated by DeepL, I might be able to give you tips on translation software for other languages as well.

Now to what I think I understand.
Krita has a function to record the creation process of one’s paintings as a sequence of images, from which one can render a video at the end.

With your “simplified texts words” and the “collage-apps” I can’t really do anything, I don’t understand any connection and “collage-apps” I had to search Google to be sure that you want to collage pictures - with Krita! Krita is a painting and drawing program with which you can also create animations, and yes, you can also edit photos with it or create collages, but for such shenanigans there are better suited software.
I’m afraid you’re talking about such “sophisticated” content as in this DA profile, of which there are tens of thousands, and whose creators also consider such “works” to be art. Edit: I forgot to mention, these collages belong to the better ones on DA. But I bet not one of the celebrities pictured has given their okay to use the footage, neither on this account, nor on 99.99% of the other “collage artists”.
(BTW, don’t use the resources of that profile, the user theft most, if not all, of “its” resources from other artists, put it together like “its” gradient-packs, and offers them as own creations. But a look inside these gradient-files shows far too often the names of other artists as creator, and none is named or credited!)

No, and I mean emphatically no, Krita should not be morphed into video editing, there is better suited software for that as well.
And if you would have read what Krita is, and how the developers and most of the user community here in the forum sees Krita, you probably would have saved yourself this.

By the way, I also have a good idea: Every new user should read the introduction of the Krita manual “Welcome to the Krita 5.0 Manual!” on the one hand, and the Code of Conduct of this forum on the other hand, and ideally also just read along here in the forum for a few days, see how the community here works, before the new user asks to form a completely new entity out of Krita and this forum according to his ideas.
If only half of these wishes would be fulfilled, we would have a completely new software in front of us four times a month, but probably none with which one can still paint.

Michelist, who wonders from when on Krita should also feed the hamsters…


Krita is already preserved for 1000 years in the Github Arctic Vault: Arctic Vault | GitHub Archive Program

And I’m pretty sure Krita already is in the top 10 image editing programs.

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I had no idea this was even a thing. I’m not sure how to look take it :0

Timer watch plugin is also on the artic preserved in ice. And it was just me following my very first tutorial to do something.

But these are soo many wishes like shooting for the stars.

A full video editor is not worth the effort because Krita edits the image of each frame but some video tools are still missing yeah. But painting frame by frame is sometimes needed and connecting to krita with a video editor would be dope.

Not sure what game companies would help in anything what so ever, their needs are known and their work is content not development you know. My idea is having a couple 3d tools integrated inside would fill that gap inside this because 3d needs are what game companies have but I doubt krita could ever fully compete with stuff like substance painter and designer or Mari. But it could have basic features that would be more than enough to exist in that kind of space in the market and I would probably use Krita still if basic like that, Krita brushes are good and worth it.

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