I want to add a character setting for Krita...(我想为Krita再设计一位看板娘…)

MACHINE TRANSLATION: Good morning, everyone. I’m not a programmer, just an ordinary Japanese manga artist. But I also want to make a contribution to Krita. I designed a character setting for Krita, here:

I have contacted another Japanese manga artist, and she agreed to help me draw the another artwork of the character. Hopefully, she will be able to follow Kiki and become the second krita character setting…

The character is set as Emu Koishi (エム・コイシ, Emu Koishi), a gentle and kind krita painter who hopes to become friends with Kiki.

If krita officially takes note of Emu Koishi and agrees to be the second character to be set up after Kiki with him, then we would be more than willing. Any good person can draw Emu Koishi and apply it to his own work, especially krita official. If Emu Koishi’s paintings could be the launch interface for The Krita software, we would be more than happy.

Anyway, please! We really want to contribute more to Krita and krita’s future development, and we really hope that Emu Koishi will become Krita’s second character setting… Hopefully, the wish will come true.



这位人物设定名叫绘梦恋(エム・コイシ,Emu Koishi),设定中是一位性情温柔,非常善良的krita画师,希望能够和kiki成为朋友。



And here, here, this is the Japanese manga artist who agreed to help me draw Emu Koishi, and also my best friend, QiuJin. Here is her personal homepage in the bcy.

If you can, please support her more.



Your request in all honor, but whether this should be possible I dare to doubt.
Try to imagine that every talented artist would have this desire and would like to see it implemented. Then Kiki would certainly get a lot of friends very quickly, but where to put them all?
I think for marketing reasons this will not be feasible.

Let’s hear what @halla says about it.


And here a machine-translation with DeepL.com:





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Thanks for replying! But… First of all, I don’t want Emu Koishi to be used for any commercial purposes. I hope that Emu Koishi’s character setting will be officially adopted, along with Kiki to become a krita character setting, and that’s it.


OP’s language is actually Chinese, the “Japanese manga artist” is actually a translation error.
The original chinese means " (japanese) manga style artist "

And… First of all, I would like to apologize, my text setting for Emu Koishi is not complete. However, I think that Emu Koishi’s setting can be perfected by gradually supplementing it.

Secondly, “wanting to be friends with kiki” does not mean “being friends with kiki”.



Oops, I subconsciously overlooked to change the translator language, because I had already answered a Japanese-speaking user today. I am sorry for that.

But I obviously don’t understand the idea behind @nanochima’s request. Meanwhile, I suspect it is related to the concept of so-called “Adoptables”, a concept which completely eludes me, despite reading about it in great detail. I can’t grasp it. It may be related to my age of soon 60 years that this is so, but I think it is therefore better not to comment further on this topic.





但我显然不明白@nanochima的请求背后的想法。同时,我怀疑这与所谓的 "领养人 "的概念有关,尽管我详细地阅读了相关的资料,但我完全不明白这个概念。我无法掌握它。这可能与我即将60岁的年龄有关,但我认为最好不要对这个问题作进一步评论。


I really just want to contribute a few things to krita. What proof do I need to come up with that says “I really just want to contribute to krita”? If so, please let me know, I would very much like to.


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想為 krita 貢獻的想法很好,不過說實話 krita 本身也是 KDE 軟體的一部分,而它們都只有一個吉祥物(沒記錯的話),同時這也關係到推廣方面的問題…好吧,我承認我不懂這些。

你可以從使用 krita 開始,之後幫助其他krita新手或者推廣krita,都是不錯的貢獻方式。
PS: Kiki已經存在超過10年了,而且是在krita上畫的。

(I type so slow, so google translation + some tweak)->

You want to ​​contribute for krita is good, but to be honest krita itself is part of the KDE software, and some of them have a mascot each (if I remember correctly), and it’s also a matter of promotion… well, frankly I know little about this.

You can start by using krita, then help other krita newbies or promote krita, which is a good way to contribute.
PS: Kiki has been around for over 10 years and was drawn on krita.







This is the interface where we draw Emu Koishi using Krita.

I’ve been using Krita for about eight years and started using it in 2014. I have also recommended Krita to other Japanese manga artists and helped other Krita novices.

As for the promotion, I have a longer-term idea – if Krita officially agrees and (partially) adopts it. As mentioned in this post, I have invited my best friend, a Japanese manga artist named QiuJin, to help me draw Emu Koishi. This painted painting will be released along with “An Invitation to Try and Finally Decide to Use Krita”. In this way, Emu Koishi, Kiki and Krita will be able to gain more popularity, and naturally more Japanese manga artists (sorry, I am only good at Japanese manga) will use Krita.

In addition, the artist I mentioned, QiuJin, although still using other drawing software, is also actively exploring The function of Krita and using Krita.


That one… I don’t know why after a long time, no new replied…(那个…不知道为什么过了很长时间,没有新回复…)

I’m still not totally sure what is being asked.

If the question is “is okay for us to make a derived artwork using Kiki and use it to promote Krita” the answer is yes.

If the question is “if we create another character that the Krita team should use next to Kiki when promoting Krita” then the answer is that we’d only use it now and then, in special cases.

This should be the right meaning from the chinese title, which is “I want to design another mascot / board girl for Krita”
The machine translation have some strange conversion at some point.


What I want to elaborate, @Lesqwe56 Lesqwe56 has been clearly described… I’m sorry my English is poor and can’t describe exactly what I mean.


I hope it won’t make you angry after reading it, because I have been subjected to cyber violence several times.
Here are some other thoughts of mine.
I don’t know how popular Krita is in other countries like Japan, but in China Krita is very less popular. You can try to hold events to increase the popularity of Krita, so that more Japanese cartoonists can understand and try Krita.
This is one of the reasons why I designed Emu Koishi and was going to invite Japanese manga artist QiuJin to help draw her - by posting Emu Koishi’s character set and posting “Encourage other Japanese manga artists to draw and create Emu Koishi (and her collaboration with Kiki) )'s derivative creation” activities to achieve the purpose of “more Japanese cartoonists can indirectly or directly understand Krita and finally decide to use Krita”.
As for why Emu Koishi was designed instead of Kiki’s character setting, this is also what I think… Krita should show its own vitality, and this vitality should include "Krita’s mascot should not be limited to kiki, and every The launch interface of a version of Krita should not be limited to the Kiki-related paintings drawn by senior Tyson Tan”, if there are Kiki and Emu Koishi, and different artists (design and) draw each version of the Krita launch interface, then Krita will be more popular and more dynamic.
I’m not good at language organization and can’t speak English, so I’m very sorry if these suggestions have offended everyone.

这也是我设计Emu Koishi并准备邀请日漫画师QiuJin帮忙绘制她的理由之一——通过发布Emu Koishi的人物设定并且发布“鼓励其他日漫画师绘制并且创作Emu Koishi(以及她与Kiki的联动)的衍生创作”的活动,以达到”更多日漫画师可以间接或直接了解Krita并且最终决定使用Krita”的目的。
至于为什么要设计Emu Koishi而不是直接使用Kiki的人物设定,这也是我认为…Krita应该展现属于自己的活力,这种活力就应当包括“Krita的吉祥物不应该局限于kiki,而每一版Krita的启动界面也不应当仅仅局限于Tyson Tan前辈绘制的Kiki相关的画作”,如果有Kiki与Emu Koishi,以及不同画师(设计与)绘制的每一版不同的Krita启动界面,那样的话Krita将会更受欢迎,也会更有活力。

I’m taking your reference as “Japanese artist” as an “Manga Artist”

This is generally not a bad idea, since I get your point now, you have designed “Emu Koishi” for promotion of Krita among Japanese Manga Artist (Because the translator wouldn’t take Manga artist very well, I checked it) in China since Kiki is a bit different and unusual for them (correct me if I’m wrong, make no assumptions)

It does have some weight in it. I think it should be considered (if only temporary).

I think it would be CSP (sorry for being biased) or PS.

Also, can you explain this more for me?

Chinese ver.
我把你提到的 "日本艺术家 "理解为 “漫画家”

OP的语言实际上是中文,“日本漫画家 “实际上是一个翻译错误。

这一般来说不是一个坏主意,因为我现在明白了你的意思,你设计 "Emu Koishi "是为了在日本漫画家中推广Krita(因为翻译者不会很好地接受漫画家,我检查过了),因为Kiki对他们来说有点不同和不寻常(如果我错了请纠正我,不要假设)。

"鼓励其他日本漫画家绘制和创作小石惠美(以及她与琪琪的合作) )的衍生创作 "活动,以达到 "更多的日本漫画家能间接或直接了解Krita并最终决定使用Krita "的目的。



Kiki和Emu Koishi,以及不同的艺术家(设计和)绘制每个版本的Krita启动界面,那么Krita将更受欢迎,更有活力。


Correction: In the eyes of many Japanese manga artists, kiki is not unusual…but cute. But only kiki as a character set under krita should not be enough. It would be even better if there was another Emu Koishi.

Also, I don’t know which aspect of the problem needs more explanation, please let me know.

(纠正:在众多日漫画师眼中,kiki不是不寻常的…而是很可爱的。但是只有kiki作为krita旗下的人物设定,应该不足够。如果再有Emu Koishi的话,会更好。


Okay, so let’s say Emu Koishi is there to help the Japanese Manga Artist feel more at home in Krita and she would help make Krita not feel like a foreign software. Am I correct now?

Chinese ver.

The presence of Emo Koishi will make Krita more accessible(relatable), especially to Japanese manga artists. I thought so. If Krita is more friendly to painters, more painters will be willing to try and use Krita.

…so it should be.

(Emo Koishi的存在会使Krita更有亲和力,尤其对日漫画师而言。我是这么想的。如果Krita对画师更有亲和力,将会有更多画师愿意尝试并且使用Krita。


I do appreciate the will to spread the word and make more people know about Krita

How ever I think more characters will make it confusing. I don’t think that we should put to much effort in a character gallery for different target groups in different countries.

Most software doesn’t even have a mascot character and it seems to work anyway. But then I do not know how marketing in Asian countries work, maybe mascots is the big thing.