Illuminate 2D shape G'MIC and Krita

Hello, I wrote a new article with a technique I’ve been experimenting with lately using G’MIC and Krita.
I made these squirrel mascots recently using this tool as part of the process.

I’d be interested to hear what you think and how else this could be used.
All the best


That is very cool! This could be really useful for normal maps in 3D. I imagine how easy it could be to turn for instance this squirrel into a cool 3D coin :star_struck:


Developed a way to do this here if you are interested- I know there are probably lots of other ways to do it but this is a method I’ve been using on some mermaid alphabet designs recently.


Thanks for the tutorial, I found it really useful, although it only seems to be best suited for more “organic” shapes. I also found it really useful with other blending modes than the default “hard light” to add some quick basic shading to cartoon characters.

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This is quite interesting.
This filter for decals should be very good.

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Yes, I think I liked it with soft light or overlay mode best personally. Depends on what you are going for I suppose.