Community Report - Things you might have missed from the community - July 15 to Aug 15 2022

What is the purpose of the Community Report?


Not all of us hangout in the forum 24/7 and even those who regularly keep an eye on it miss a few things here and there.

Krita-Artists has continued to serve as a great hub for Krita artists, developers and contributors. We at Krita Promo Team would like to expand that by introducing the “Community Report”.

If the Developer’s have their weekly meetings, which we provide a summary of, then we the community will have this. Community Report is a Monthly compilation meant to highlight the discussion taking place in the forum. This will range from summary of active development threads by the developers, to plugin development and highlights, tutorials and brushes released within the selected time frame.

That’s quite a blurb, to make it short we wanted to highlight the activities and contributions of our community. So what are we up to recently?

On the official development front;

tiar has started discussion about Comic Workflow and Comic Panels that has us buzzing around with insightful ideas for the upcoming features. In addition to this they also opened a thread for improving the Assistant Tool. If you haven’t heard of these planned features and improvements and want to help shape them up, head to the linked thread and join the discussion.

Are you experiencing some issues in the behavior of labeled groups in tools that use labeled layers as reference? You can assist Deif_Lou who has taken the task of fixing and improving it.

An update we can test right now and give our feedback is the recently pushed merge request in Krita 5.2.x Nightly by freyalupen that has added the option to display subtitles of layer information in the layer panel.

Heading on to the developments from the community;

The forum has recently introduced a voting system to the feature request section, vote for the feature you particularly like. While this won’t necessarily mean the most upvoted feature will make it to Krita, it will help in getting the pulse of the community and a way to sort out features requests.

In conjunction with this, if you’re one of the people who wish for a Fill Bucket with Gap Closing feature, raghukamath has merged all the relevant feature request threads, making it easier to find it for those wishing for this same feature.

On the other hand a member of the community has stepped up in the Gap Closing arena, while it is not a Fill Bucket Tool, this work in progress Selection Tool Script by dk8 try to achieve the gap closing magic.

Other recent feature requests are Removal of Redundant Export Options and Custom Brush Slider both from Ralek, while a recent discussion had taken place on Rakurri’s feature request [Making the Layers Default Name to Reflect their Type] on whether to start at 1 or to continue the numbering on each layer type to make this already implemented feature better. All the while tiar had dropped a hint on the possibility of Stretched Textures in Brushes by way of the same engine that will give us Ribbon Brush.

Oh don’t forget plugins and resources from the community;

There are two new plugins published, Aqao’s plugin, Release Docker Under Cursor, lets you popup any docker under your cursor. Easy Color Map by TigerForge gave us a flexible alternative to the color palette manager and for users of the TimerWatch plugin, EyeOdin has updated its interface.

If you wish to have the freshest updates and use Linux, raghukamath has created a guide on how to automatically update Krita nightly builds on Linux. In other new resources and tutorials, thimblefolio has shared their process on using krita and g’mic to illuminate 2d shapes for creating 2d maps in this video. Krita veteran RamonM’s highly anticipated new pencil brush set is finally here alongside a community challenge. Speaking of new brushes razcore-rad shared their resource collection with us and added a few more in this update. Lastly Deevad dropped a full length Krita Illustration Tutorial on youtube, check it out.

– The Krita Promo Team (@Krita-promo )


Wow, this is amazing! Lots of little nuggets of information that silently went me by :star_struck: Thank you for taking the time to put this together!


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