Introducing Voting system in feature request category

Introducing Voting system in feature request category

We have enabled the discourse voting plugin to introduce a voting system in the feature request category. People can vote the feature request topics that interest them.
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Hi @raghukamath good work on the voting system, I really like that you managed to implement this!
I’m thinking it may be good to communicate this to forum users with a pinned post in the about #develop:feature-requests in which you explain how the system works. That would be the place where I would be looking for the ‘rules’, instead of in site feedback. Because this topic is the place where we would discuss the rules (in my opinion). But I think the current limits are well chosen.

I was wondering, if a feature gets implemented in the future, is there a way to automatically get back your points so you I can cast a new vote? I don’t think disabling the votes on such a topic would be ideal, as I think it’s interesting to see the amount of votes a request had when it was implemented. And, is there a way to add a checkmark to topics that were deemed implemented?

Oh and where can you see what the requirements are to reach the next rank?

I am not sure about when the voting limit resets, I will search for it. As for the feature getting implemented, the thread can already be marked as solved after which it will automatically get closed.

I am using the default plugin, fortunately this is the official plugin so maintaining it is easy, I won’t be able to go beyond what the plugin offers, as I am not a developer and I don’t intend to hire anyone to make changes in this. For now let us see how it goes.

One thing I am worried is vote brigading, people can make new accounts and keep on voting. I think we should restrict voting rights to members above certain trust level

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By default each user has limited number of votes according to their trust level. The limits are what plugin offers by default but we can change it based on feedback from members here. The current limits are as follows :

  • Trust Level 0 - 2 votes
  • Trust Level 1 - 4 votes
  • Trust Level 2 - 6 votes
  • Trust Level 3 - 8 Votes
  • Trust Level 4 - 10 Votes (this level has admins of the site)

We have just enabled the plugin, we can tweak the settings it offers mainly the limits to our liking as we get accustomed to it.

A Big Disclaimer
Voting may bring up a feature request to top but that doesn’t mean it will be picked up developers. This voting is in no way to influence the development direction. This is just a way to sort feature request by popularity here in the forum. The developers may have their own roadmap, however they can see the votes and may take it into consideration. So suppose the topmost voted feature request is to add NFT and bitcoin mining in Krita and it didn’t get response from the developers then please don’t think that devs do not listen to users. Listening to request is one thing and doing something about that request is other. For someone to act upon a request it should be feasible.


In that case, trust level 0 shouldn’t get any votes. That should discourage people from making new accounts. And at least, you’ll notice when they spam to increase their trust level.

Setting a thread to solved is indeed a good option.

I am just being curious about what the plugin can/ cannot do. Thanks for your work on this!


You can read more about it here - Discourse Voting - plugin - Discourse Meta

For now I will keep the default values of the plugin, if it is misused then I will remove the vote counts from the trust level 0 members.

As for the vote count the plugin has this in its description -

If the topic is closed or archived, the votes are released to the users and can be applied to other topics but the vote count on the topic remains.

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Perfect, that’s just what I hoped it did.

This seems to be a rather good system. It already looks better than third party systems that Autodesk and Adobe use from what I can tell.

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Final remark: topics can also be sorted by votes if you click on votes, next to votes, in the my votes you can see the topics you’ve voted on:

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Just tested voting, and even if it says I’ve got 7 votes left, I’m unable to give more votes. Is that intended, or am I doing something wrong, did I misunderstand something?


You get only one vote for a topic. You can exhaust your votes on other topic. You can give multiple votes for single topic.

But on every other topic where I could vote, it says I have 8 votes, so there is no exhausting.
And if everyone got only one vote per topic, there is no problem with an unbalanced voting-system (which was argued, if I understood some voices in the other topic correct), and we are equal with our “voting-weight” (what is not so bad in my opinion), and there would be no need or benefit to get more votes, but I thought it was especially asked for a system where you can give more votes on a topic if you got a higher user-level. Seems I must read the complete other topic again to understand…


You have 8 votes, you for a feature request topic. You exhaust one vote and now you have 7 votes left. Your can’t vote on topic you have already voted you can remove your vote though. So you have to choose which features you need and vote according to your priority.

If the vote is showing wrong number can you try refreshing the page. It might be a glitch or a bug.

That was indeed discussed, but that’s not available in the Discourse voting plugin that @raghukamath implemented in the forums. So now it’s priority voting. Everyone has limited votes, so you can only vote on the requests that you deem most vital. I think that works fine.

It’s much better than infinite votes, that’s what Autodesk and Adobe use, everything remotely interesting gets upvoting. So many votes were casted that nowadays only the most voted topics get upvoted, because the list of requests with votes is too damn long.

For me the feature works as expected. Though I do already notice that I cannot vote on some smaller UI papercuts/ workflow polish topics due to limited votes. Curious to see how the priorities develop in the next few weeks.

Now that voting is in, I really propose to move active development topics out of the Feature requests section (sorry to reiterate my point). From a voting point of view, it doesn’t make sense that users can vote for it (especially since it was already decided to work on it).

Which are active development topics in the feature request category. I think the topic should be closed once it is fully implemented since development can be halted in the middle.

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Active development threads

Artists feedback & testing
Does this one qualify as feature request? I think it’s more a general discussion thread.

Probably, there needs to be moderation/ clarification so that any feature request posted contains just one feature you can actually vote on. A whole list of features will likely also skew the results and would be unclear as it doesn’t indicate which feature on the list was voted on.

Multiple feature requests in single topic

Can be closed = merged

I expended all my votes now. I do see lot’s of ideas that would be viable for workflow polish as well. I need about 14 votes :innocent:

Yeah those were not feature request per se and more about discussion so I moved them to the artists feedback category. thanks

It too seems like discussion.

In general I or moderation team can’t stop people from making vague requests, or making multiple requests or starting a discussion in feature request. We do have a specific guide which outlines how a feature request should be but people get annoyed when we point it to them. They ignore it anyway. Here the person voting should decide if the feature request is good, clearly explained etc. Even then I feel people will see the title and vote or it might also happen then people may vote when they see photoshop in the title.

if I encounter a feature request which is not detailed and not well suited as in has multiple request in one topic then I will move it to feedback category where it needs to be clarified and discussed with feedback from others. Once it is ready the user can make a proper proposal.

For the existing request that can be closed, any members who have made the request can close it themselves or if any other members encounter such request and are sure it can be closed please close it. Or at least ask the original poster if it can be closed.

P.S. I am moving certain replies about voting system from here to the main voting system topic.

We can discuss how much voted each level can get. Right not it increments in the twos. it can be in the 4s

Yeah, there isn’t much you can do as moderator other than pointing out that 1 request per topic is preferred. I think, if there’s a pinned topic, you could also link to the Krita’s feature request guide: Ways to Help Krita: Work on Feature Requests | Krita

I might not be the best reference in terms of number of votes, because I want way too many things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Right now it’s very focussed so that’s fine. I really had to set priorities. :+1:
In time, you’ll get new votes as more things get implemented, hopefully.