Remove redundant Export options, add quick export + quick export settings

Currently Krita has 2 ways to export an image, Export and Export Advanced.
As it stands right now, Export Advanced has only marginally more features than regular export, and they’re all hidden by default in a new tab. This leads me to believe that people who are currently using ‘export’ could very easily just use ‘export advanced’ with 0 change to their workflow.

My idea is to either remove standard export entirely, as it is redundant, or to replace it with a more concise and faster export method.

My idea for such a method would be as follows:
A new tab could be made under Configure Krita > General, called ‘Exporting’. In here will be several options:

Users can choose the filetype to export here.

Type settings
Launches a dialogue for that filetype, just as if you were trying to save it. Users can choose any settings necessary for that filetype here.

By default this will be ./ this means that the file will be saved within the same folder. Alternative options could be something like ./final for putting them within the final folder next to the source file. Or ../final for going back a folder, then putting them within the final folder there instead. Or maybe even an absolute path. I’m unsure of what permissions Krita has on saving things in different locations, so some of these might not be possible.

This string will go before the name of the file.

This string will go after the name of the file.

Warn on overwrite
Whether to give a confirmation dialogue if the export would overwrite a previous file.

Once that is set up, the quick export option could either be assigned a shortcut key, or chosen from File > Quick Export, right above Export (which is the current ‘Export Advanced’)

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