[Plugin Release] Docker Under Cursor - make docker display in mouse position

DockerUnderCursor can make any docker float and display in the mouse position with keyboard shotcuts. Support Plugin Panel, E.g Pigment.O.


installation and use method in github.

I only tested on window and 5.1.0b krita,if you find issues please tell me here or on github.


well it works nice but there seems to be some odd things I am not sure if they are fixable even but:

  • when you send the docker back the mouse take the initial calling position of the docker until you move the mouse again.
  • I had another situation where when the docker was sent back it would shrink a bit and doing a couple of times would shrink the docker more and more but I still don’t know how to trigger this to say where is the cause.

Beyond that, it is a really cool plugin and seems very useful. thank yous.

Indeed, I will try to fix it. I had been using tablet so much that I didn’t notice it

this is a Known issues, it is krita’ bug. solution in README last part on github. you just need manual drag floating docker back mainwindow.

thx for your feedback.

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I Updated plugin, brush outline now not offset. :grinning:


It is is working all good for what I can notice, now it feel very ergonomic. Thank you.

What I noticed was some of my panels not updating well while others updated good. I will try and fix them so it reacts better to yours.


omg :flushed: This looks super handy! With plugins like these Krita inches ever closer to the speed of light! Thanks for sharing!


One update, add function remember mouse position relative to docker.you can enable it in setting panel.


New function!
docker can auto-hide when mouse leaves the floating docker :kissing_heart:


Thanks a lot, it’s really fun to work with the plug-in.
And it looks like you got joy in programming.


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yes,although I’m a beginner in python, it’s fun to implement the functions I want by myself. Hope it can help you too!


A fellow implementer myself.
I started in trying to implement features I wanted in blender. Now I’m kind of hooked and enjoy every moment when I force the computer to do whatever I wanted :).
If you like it…don’t give up when people criticize or just ignore your stuff(like with my addon :face_exhaling: ). But one advice…don’t let it get in the way of your main field of work…this thing is really addictive :stuck_out_tongue: .


Thanks for sharing. I will have a test with it, it looks very handy.

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