WIP Feature: Option to display layer info subtitles

Work-in-progress implementation of an option to display opacity and blending mode information as a subtitle under the layer name in the layers docker, such as discussed in this thread: Option to display layer info on layers

Note that nothing is displayed if the opacity and the blending mode are both default (100% Normal).

I’ve got the basics worked out (it displays the correct information), but I’m looking for feedback on the design. For instance, the subtitle is currently styled identically to a second line in the layer name (possible by copy-pasting in a newline).
Though I admit I am unsure of how to actually modify the styling.


Do you have a Merge request link? It would be great to have an appimage to test.

Personally, I hope there are options to adjust the font and color


MR is now here: Draft: Add option to display layer info subtitles (!1501) · Merge requests · Graphics / Krita · GitLab


Thanks for your work.

Here are some of my personal thoughts.

I saw “44% normal” in the picture you gave, why not just “44%”?
And “100% overlay”, why not just “overlay”?

I think it is best to display the non-default ones, and the default ones are not displayed.
This reduces unnecessary text length.
This enhances readability under multi-layer group nesting.

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Personally i prefer the whole information to be shown i think the exceptions of not showing if it’s normal or 100% more confusing than just showing everything

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This works with small preview icons?

I figured showing both consistently would be more readable, but it is something I could make optional. Here’s an example:

You’ll probably notice that the opacity has changed; it’s now an option, from 55% (the opacity of the nonvisible layer’s text) to 100% (fully opaque as before).
The other thing I added was a single-line mode, in case there’s not room for two lines or if the user prefers.

Not sure what you mean- if you mean changing the layer thumbnail size, then yes.


@freyalupen - Nice. I would say for the options, “Display subtitles” > “Display blending mode” to be a bit more descriptive on what it is. That is an interesting idea of it wrapping if the thumbnail size gets smaller.

One idea is instead of the “Inline subtitle” checkbox, the blending mode details automatically goes inline if the thumbnail size gets below a certain size. If the row height is really small, it probably should go inline anyway. You probably don’t need that checkbox then.

Frankly I would only use this option if there is a checkbox to ensure it’s in the same line even if the thumbnails are big enough for two lines, just because I don’t like two lines.

For the naming, “Display blending mode” doesn’t take the opacity % into account. Maybe “Display more info” or something like that?


@freyalupen :heart_eyes: I really like what I see here.


I agree. The last example that @freyalupen posted seems messy to me without the consistency, and I don’t think it’s something that really needs an option either. I think the default opacity could be a bit higher too.

A lot of good feedback. I think it would be a good idea to still show the opacity, even at 100%. Not showing the opacity at 100% saves a little bit of space, but I think consistently showing it does a better job of communicating when scanning down. There is no “guess work” this way.

I also like @tiar suggestion with something better like “Display more info” instead of what I previously said.

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Thanks @freyalupen for these type of things not so visual, but really useful. I like it.

@LunarKreatures @tom @scottyp
I also think a consistent display of both is more aesthetically pleasing.
Those words I said earlier are because the Layers panel doesn’t have a bottom slider.
Please add a horizontal slider to the bottom of “Layer Docker” - Develop / Feature Requests - Krita Artists (krita-artists.org)
This makes it difficult to display long text under multi-layer group nesting…

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Amazing work on this! :heart_eyes: Thank you so much!

wouldnt the tree indentation slider solve this problem?

I agree with @LunarKreatures the tree indentation slider should solve the problem, not to mention that having a bottom slider would just steal space.

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The indent slider is useful and does add a lot of space, but it doesn’t solve the situation where multiple layers are nested.

The bottom slider can only be shown with enough nesting.
(The up and down sliders are only displayed when there are enough layers, and are usually not displayed.)

For more details, see
Please add a horizontal slider to the bottom of “Layer Docker” - Develop / Feature Requests - Krita Artists (krita-artists.org)

I think I’m getting off topic a bit…

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I forgot to mention that the current default opacity is 55%; it probably could be higher. Example for comparison, matching the values displayed at the top (inlining is on by mistake):

I also forgot to mention that the subtitle is no longer bolded in the active layer. Is there any preference either way? Example with bolding (at 70% opacity).

It’s been suggested in the MR to remove the opacity and inline options from the GUI and leave them to be changed in the config file. Thoughts on this?

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