Impressionism with Krita in 2021. Are you in?

Here we go with another video. But first, the premiere, will you be there?

YOUTUBE and enjoy

Video Premiere link:

Is going to be lot of fun, i will keep this thread for posting community ideas, comments, and artworks done with this bundle. Sure you can paint something like old masters :sweat_smile:(no pressure)
The bundle is here

Some Things created with it. (please Monet forgive me :rofl::rofl:)

Now is your turn my friends :wink:


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Krita says it took me around half an hour. Very quick sketch with completely wrong composition. But there are some good things there too, I think.


Orange light for example is well achieved. Did you enjoyed ? that is the most important thing. The reason why i created these brushes

Looking forward to it, Ramon! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2: