Introduction of the krita donation level badge from kde site

What do you think about introducing the donation level badges to the forum? Like bronze, silver, gold and so on. I would like it, even if you have to request the badges from a forum admin and it wouldn’t be automatic.

Badges from this site

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There is a problem because Krita Artists is hosted by @raghukamath and @coding_coffee , whie the Development Fund website is hosted by KDE. KDE treats privacy very seriously and KDE’s privacy policy doesn’t allow to exchange this kind of information between KDE and a third-party entity.

There has been some ideas how to solve this (since it would be a really good idea) but it all requires work too and no work or even a concrete plan has been done.

MyKDE allows for public profile badges. Why not just make it if people make a public profile, you can pull the MyKDE profile badges? That would be the easiest way with little programming.

As far as I know kde identity is based on blender ID , so it possible to provide oauth through it. The kde privacy policy talks about this - Privacy Policy - KDE Community. But it is still not clear if it can be used outside of kde infrastructure. I’ll ping the sysadmin about this later on irc.

About fetching the public available information in it, if you read read privacy policy it states rhat it is o ly available for kde devs all other profiles are private. They can be accessed by the site which they are used to login but as I said I don’t know if it is allowed for us. We can ask for clarification

I am talking about MyKDE which is a successor to KDE Identity. Here for example I made my profile public:

As you can see, the public profile is available to everyone. Not just devs.

Edit: So to clarify, even if you can’t get MyKDE logins, all that has to be done is an option to add the MyKDE profile to the forum, link back to their Krita-Artists profile and make their profile public. Thus, you can double verify and grant badges.

Yes I was talking about same thing (Mykde), I mixed up kde identity sorry :pray:t3: . Mykde is based on the same code as blender ID so there can be a plugin like blender ID plugin to access the data directly. As I said already, we need to check if it is allowed under KDE policy. It may be allowed or not, lets ask the sysadmins.

I have no issue in adding it, as I already mentioned :slight_smile: , I also know how it works as I was trying to get blender ID to work here.

And when we were creating Krita artists website, the idea of allowing donator to have badge was discussed and we wished to implement it like blender-artists does for blender cloud subscribers. We got the answer that KDE projects can’t share data with others. I don’t know about the details here. As you can see I am ready to implement this feature.

We just need to ask the sysadmins about the details.


Yeah, looking in a bit more detail, blender id is also OAUTH based.

I understand, I was simply making sure that that stance was before or after MyKDE. Cause sometimes things change and no one tells anyone.

Well, hopefully it will be allowed. If not, that was where the workaround I was talking about becomes an option. Since Krita fund and MyKDE are both under KDE, you can give MyKDE badges. And if people make their profiles public, then you can parse those badges. Thus, you would still be in KDE’s policy compliance. Cause there is nothing wrong with a 3rd party parsing a public profile.

Did I just create a mark in the Krita Artists’ history timeline…?

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We did discuss it some time earlier among developers, but it’s good to revive discussions like that, new info comes out, new people are involved etc., so yeah, if it’s gonna be implemented soon, it will be partially thanks to you :smiley:

I feel very grateful.

Maybe I do have a bright future/career here :sparkling_heart:

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If implemented, I’m a little bit affraid about possible impacts of a distinction between users : being a donator and not being a donator :thinking:



Perhaps introduce a badge for people who made a one time contribution instead of a subscription? That could be a less daunting option for people with low bank balance.

I could easily afford some of the monthly payments, but I’m still leery of signing up for something that will tick away money every month for ever and ever. I do give away money, but there are so many worthy causes, so I prefer to pitch in every now and then.

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@Bleke I agree with that.

I could design the badges even if they aren’t contributed from the KDE subscription program. Maybe the badge could have a mechanic such as leveling up in appearance? Any ideas how that can happen?

I think it should look like the others, but maybe made of wood or chalk or some other cheap material. :slight_smile:

@Bleke I actually was thinking about that before you even said it :+1:

Maybe the badge can level up in favor of how many hearts you have? Because to be fair, the amount of hearts you receive currently don’t give you a reward- correct me if I’m wrong.

Well, Discourse gives you badges for that. But they’re only visible on the user profile.

I see your point. So I guess maybe this new badge system can be for hearts.

Tell you what, I can get started on creating some of the icons- and I can label them on level and amount of hearts you need for the tier. I’ll make sure to get opinion from the moderators if possible.

You’ve really got your heart set on the hearts. :heart_decoration:

Go ahead if you enjoy making icons, but I’d advice you to not have too high hopes having them in the forum. But never say never! :wink:

I made the icon for the badge, I’m gonna divide it into variants now.

How’s this? I’m thinking of making this the “Starting out” variant, if you don’t have any hearts

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That’s actually a nice icon.