I've been unfaithful

I have been playing around a bit with the pastels in Corel Painter 2020 mostly to compare them to what I’ve been doing in Krita (chalk brushes not so much the DA brushes but also because I just didn’t like the way the DA Pastels were working compared to the Chalk, Charcoal, and Pencil brushes) I’ve been using almost exclusively a variation on the Chalk Grainy brush for all of my birds. in any case…

Painter 2020 offered me an upgrade to 2023 for a reasonable price $150 and after thinking about it, checking for impressions, bug reports (Painter is notorious for crashing crashing crashing when initially released) etc. I bit the bait and upgraded.

I’ve been fiddling with the Painter Pastels for the last couple of days and I do like the way they work and look, but…but…but…the interface is driving me crazy! Krita is so much more intuitive…particularly with brush management, and use, image repositioning, brush libraries and more…maybe I’m just used to Krita after almost three years and have forgotten the 3 decades of learning Painter, but I’m thinking not… and I’m also thinking I probably need to learn a hell of a lot more about brush creation/modification in Krita to make the brushes more like what I’m envisioning…and probably not just for pastels either.

Just wanted to confess and admit my transgressions…

:slight_smile: Enjoy! :slight_smile:

back to Krita for a bit working on a new bird after starting it in that other art program which shall remain nameless til next time… :slight_smile:


:smile: :smile: :smile: That’s funny!
It’s cool that you found Krita more intuitive. I’m finding it that way now too. :+1:t2::grin:

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That’s been true from the beginning. Painter has always driven me crazy with some of the stupid UI stuff!

It’s almost like they intentionally complicated some things…


All is forgiven.



P.S. the infidelity continues! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Went back to Painter and am going to do my current WIP in both Krita and Painter … at least that’s my plan at the moment. Unfortunately it’s like having two wives who are at odds with one-another. :slight_smile:

I did a lot of duplicate drawing with pencils/graphite of different types of paper and it definitely brought out the differences…

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My Love/Hate relationship with Painter continues… working on my current WIP Bird and not happy with the effort needed in Painter to get the results I’m used to getting with my Chalk Grainy brush in Krita.

It’s like I was saying before/elsewhere, it’s almost like they intentionally made things difficult. In some ways I love how the colors/textures blend in Painter but it’s also a PITA as it is not easy to smooth the transitions and make for a smooth realistic result which is what I strive for.

I’ll try to continue the comparison but feeling like abandoning Painter again… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


This is just experimentation. Stay with your reliable and true love!
Having said that, I sometimes see GIMP (an old flame) at weekends.

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I went through the same thing last year, I tried Corel Painter again after getting a version of it on Humble Bundle, but I just couldn’t get on with it and abandoned it. The screen tearing was terrible for some reason in painter and the UI is a pain compared to Krita.

Thanks for the confirmation and commiseration!


What’s screen tearing?

It was a weird thing that only happened with Corel Painter on my system at least where the screen looked like it was breaking up when I moved around the canvas. Graphic card issue- usually enabling VSync resolves it if it happens with computer games etc…


One of the glitches I had a bit was having a brush line from the edge of the screen to the first spot I touched. …

Amazingly this release is pretty clean…no crashes (which first releases of Painter under Corel are notorious for!) but I did just run into a weird one… the transparency on a layer just locks up and won’t change at times … and then comes back after switching layers or something a nother…

anyway I just spent another half hour trying to find/get Painter brushes (Pastel, Chalk, Pencil) to do what I want and no-go. I think I’m going to forget about the duplicate painting comparison for now. Will play with painter separately but back to Krita for my ongoing work(s)…


Go Krita! :muscle:


Okay so…I refuse to let Painter get the better of me…went back to my WIP and began working with the plain Soft Square Pastel and was pleased with the results so just spent another hour or so working on the eye (bird…yeah, whadda ya expect :slight_smile: ) and am relatively happy with it. I’m using both the normal pastel and the new ‘Fluid’ brush settings (which appear to be mostly fancy flow control but a bit more).
I’m happy with the result and will continue with the evaluation/WIP comparison. Probably switching back and forth between the WIPs to compare the effort and results etc… I may or may not post the WIP here…probably not legit to post Painter images in any case so…

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Fair enough. I still secretly miss Painter from time to time, I hope it goes well. I just looked on Humble Bundle, I know I shouldn’t have but they have Painter 2022 available at the moment which I would have preferred to use (I have the 2021 version) but I’m not sure if I want to bother in case I still get the VSync issue with it and other annoying bugs. I don’t think I’ll bother, I’m too busy learning ZBrush at the moment anyway.

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Yep! Understand! I was on the 2020 version before upgrade to 2023.


This is a version you’ve got from the future? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes! Time Travel! :slight_smile:

It’s like they release a year ahead or something!