journaling/sketchbook software recommendations

I’m looking for software that has either an infinite canvas or pages. I’ve considered Mypaint but found the program too complex for what I need. Something minimalistic and good for jotting down notes/sketches with a laptop + pen tab.

Is there any software that fits the bill?

May be you can check out Kolourpaint I believe you can keep on dragging the edge of the canvas and extend in it. Also it is extremely simple.

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I did the tela plugin to try and do that a bit, but it is only a temporary thing. But you can validate it after or before. Just not as enjoyable as a real infinite canvas.

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Thank you for your attempt! I didn’t think it was possible at all! :laughing:

Krita’s speciality lies in its complex and comprehensive features. Perhaps one day there could be a “Light Krita/stripped down Krita” with an infinite canvas.

I don’t think that will ever happen.

If you open up a large canvas (e.g. A3 600dpi) then zoom in, you get a massive space to sketch in. As you’re zoomed in it should perform well, and the file size will reflect the content - so if you only have a few sketches in the middle of the canvas, it won’t take up loads of space when you save.

If you combine this with a minimal interface, such as you can achieve with the Kanvasbuddy and Redesign plugins, it makes for a really nice sketching environment with all the power of Krita still available.

It might be worth reading the this thread I wrote a year ago, requesting an infinite canvas feature.

And I did a mockup in a similar thread by EyeOdin to demonstrate what I described above.

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Your mockup fits exactly all my needs! Paired with the crop tool it’ll be enough.

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But you can scroll the canvas with the scrollbars to the edge you want to expand and then click on the little arrow (in the circles on the screenshot) to expand the canvas in that direction. You can repeat this as many times as you like, if I’m not mistaken, but Krita would “slow down a bit” at some point when the canvas reaches the size of a bus or so, I think :thinking: :rofl:
Could this help you, or am I misunderstanding you, and you want something else?


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the arrows really are easy but it bulks up really fast. but good to know.

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