JPEG Export


Another plugin :sweat_smile:

From this topic, where I’m asking a feature request about JPEG export, @KnowZero told me that the implementation should be available in Krita 5.1 :slight_smile:

But as I also had on my side started a private plugin to provide the functionality, @KnowZero convinced me to publish it to let users from Krita 4.4.3 and 5.0.0 being able to use it if needed.

So, you’ll find on github the JPEG Export plugin.

All instruction to download/install it are provided on main plugin page.

In few word, the plugins allows to export as JPEG with a preview of final result and final file size (ie: allows to check quality of exported file according to produced jpeg file size)


  • Provides most of JPEG export options
  • Real time (~1s) export result preview
  • Exported result preview is rendered in a Krita view
    – Allows to zoom and scroll on export result preview to check for JPEG compression artifacts
    – Exported JPEG file size provided
    – Different render modes (Final result, difference with source)

Interface screenshot


  • There’s a small bug, it seems on published version the icon to select export file directory is not displayed (so the invisible button is on right side of file name…); I’ll fix this for next version :slight_smile:
  • Not tested on Windows and MacOS (only Linux Appimage), but it should work…



It looks very nice! But uh-oh, here comes the Feature Creep!

Feature Creep cackles

A few quality of life improvements I, personally would really like to see in exporting from Krita are:

  • Export selected area
  • Resize image (IIRC implemented in 5.0 or 5.1)
  • wishlist: run unsharp mask after scaling image down.