KRITA 4.4.3 LEARN HOW TO USE THE LAYER STYLE (creating beautiful texts)

In today’s tutorial, I am showing you how to use the Layer Style functionality to create beautiful texts. You will learn how to bevel and emboss text, create drop shadows, add patterns to your letters, change their color, etc.


This is a step-by-step tutorial. I hope that you will follow along.

A special thanks to Kathy.

00:00 Intro
00:48 How to create a text
01:13 HOW TO CREATE A TEXT: Choosing a font
01:46 HOW TO CREATE A TEXT: Changing the size
02:00 HOW TO CREATE A TEXT: Changing the color (how to select new palettes)
03:00 Changing Text Color: Using the Eyedropper
03:52 Type & Edit your text (Bold, Center & Kerning)
04:47 Changing the background color and how to get back to the Text Edit window
06:37 Emboss and Bevel & Drop Shadows
10:52 Creating a reflection effect
15:36 What we have done
16:00 WHAT WE CAN DO: Making the reflection darker
16:37 WHAT WE CAN DO: Increasing the blur
17:00 WHAT WE CAN DO: Add a pattern
17:51 WHAT WE CAN DO: Change the color of the letters
18:32 DONE!!!


Hi @CelticCoco, It’s a private video so not generally accessible :frowning:

Hi Ahab… It’s been scheduled. So, that’s why it’s still private. The tutorial on YouTube is scheduled to be released at 1 AM Chicago time. So, I scheduled this post to be public at 1 AM as well to be in-sink with the Youtube video schedule. Thanks for noticinng. Please let me know what you think of the new tutorial when it comes out. Cheers.

I didn’t know you could do that so thank you for the explanation.
I’ll look forward to watching it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi @CelticCoco, Thank you for another well made video tutorial. It was a long one but it had interesting and useful things happening throughout. I’m having to make more effort to find criticism of your videos because they’re getting even better :slight_smile:

Here it is:

1:02 Before you created the text, you had the cyan dot paint layer selected in the layers docker. When you created the text, a new layer appeared in the layers docker, with the text on it. i.e. a vector layer because text is a vector object.
You didn’t explain why this happened and that it must happen.

3:13 You use the eyedropper to select a colour “from a reference image located on your canvas”.
That is not a ‘Reference Image’, which is a very specific thing in krita
I started looking for the reference image and wondered why I’d missed the part where you’d added a reference image.

That’s all the criticism I can find for the video.

Here are some additional points:

1:20 Choosing a font: Some people are not aware that the fonts are all system fonts and not part of krita.

1:52 Font size: In the selected font size at the top, you can click in it and edit it and enter any size you want. This new size will then appear in the drop down list for that text object in future editing.
Sadly, it won’t appear when editing other text objects.

4:25 Kerning: That kerning toggle doesn’t work and so you don’t need to use it, not at the moment.
This needs a bug report.

6:01 Edit Text button in the tool options docker: If a text object is selected with the Select Shapes tool or the Text tool, you can open it for editing by pressing the Return/Enter key, which is more convenient.

Thank you again for a well made and useful tutorial video. I’m sure many people are looking forward to the next video in your series :slight_smile:

Regarding 4:25 Kerning.
AHHHHHHHHHHH…That’s why I thought it was weird. It was working when making the changes in the edit box, but then, the text looked the same when I saved and closed it. I didn’t think to test a bigger number. I should have… then, I would have noticed it didn’t work. WOW!!! You are good!

Regarding 3:13. The fish is a reference image from Pixabay. I guess, because the image is PNG, it looked like I painted. it… But I assure you. the image is on the top of the canvas. It is not part of the canvas. Again, because it is a png, maybe it blended with the canvas. That’s the only thing I can think of. Next time, I will use a picture that really pops… a JPEG format with some different background color from the canvas.

Regarding 1:20. You are telling me that some people are not aware that the fonts are all system fonts and not part of Krita… I do not understand. Can you elaborate? I don’t see where you are going with this. Thanks.

1:52… DARN! I did forget to mention that. Next time! :grin::grin:
Finally, regarding 6:01. I didn’t know you could do that. Awesome. I learned something today.

THANK YOU !!!:+1:

Hi @CelticCoco,

4:25. The kerning does work, it’s the V/A toggle that has no effect. You can alter kerning on the entire text or highlight/select parts of it to have variable kerning.

3:13. Yes, I was fixating on the cyan dot. The fish is a reference image, my apologies.

1:20. In the past, some people have asked how to put a particular font ‘into krita’.
All krita does is use the existing system fonts so you have to add a new font to the PC system fonts in the usual way to have them available for use in krita.
I thought it may be a good idea to mention that in any tutorial that deals with selecting fonts.

Got it. Thanks.