Krita 5.0 - quick tip - how to modify a brush and paint fun designs or patterns

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. Today is a quick tip.
This way, I won’t keep you long.
I think some of you will find the topic interesting and fun.

In this video we will:

  1. Change the tip of a brush using a stamp brush
  2. Save the new brush created.
  3. Change the tip of a brush using a pattern. PLEASE NOTE THAT I TYPED “TEXTURE” RATHER THAN “PATTERN” IN MY VIDEO’S CHAPTER SLIDE. :open_mouth::roll_eyes: I meant Pattern…


  1. The brush called “Texture Impressionism” is a default brush from Krita_4_Default_Resources_bundle.
  2. The brush called “Bristle_Hairy” is a default brush from
  3. I have created a playlist of 7 videos called: BRUSHES FOR BEGINNERS.
    here is the link:

00:00 Introduction
00:13 Use a stamp brush
01:30 How to save your new preset brush
02:30 Use a pattern
03:34 the end.

Have fun experimenting. See you next time.