Community Report - Things you might have missed from the community - Oct 16 to Nov 15 2022

The 4th Community Report

A week later than intended but we head on! In this installment of the community report we welcome a new bugfix release, loads of brushes and a user lead update on one of the community’s most requested features.

To start things off, a forum update;

Raghukamath has informed us of an incoming update in the forums Terms of Services pertaining to NSFW content. Other members of the community chimed in with their suggestions.

Next an update on Krita Development;

One of the biggest news of this cycle is the release of Krita 5.1.3 bugfix edition, fixing a number of bugs that have popped up from the previous cycle.

There are a number of Artist feedback threads that have seen movement in user discussion. In the thread about Assistant Layer, NabilMaghfurUsman had made their own suggestion as well as commenting on several suggestions made by Hologram. SchrodingerCat Made made a new mockup of the layer docker toolbar with some interesting tidbits including a reference layer pin. One Krita’s core developer, Dkazakov, has released a new Linux AppImage of Krita with the new Lager based brush editor.

We have seen a user led development on one of the long time feature request, Close Gap Fill Tool. cedarfeather used ray tracing algorithm in developing his version of Close Gap Fill tool, they have since provided the test app for anyone to test and give suggestions.

Contributions from members our community

This recap wont be done without highlighting various contributions of members of our community. This month have seen a lot o new brushes to try and a number of tips and tutorials.

Starting off with the brushes;

For those looking for liner brushes we have a number of them, first we have URAVERAGEBOI who shared his lineart brush; Marui_mg also shared their recreation of Sai’s basic pen with a bonus of a fur brush. A number of users have come together answering Rui’s request to recreate CSP’s nacho pen, of note is SchrodingerCat recreation and tachiko’s modification of it.

Of the fancier brush variety Lilly_Mist submitted their bundle of various brushes that are perfect for magical illustrations. It is a jump packed bundle that includes chain brushes, glows, stamps, borders and effects. To close this off, CrazyCatBird shared leafy, maple leaf, and flowers watercolor brushes.

Next, the tutorials;

CelticCoco tips and tricks series continues, for this month they publish tips for palette, centering shapes, and brush modification. tachiko posted two tips, one on quick sharpening and sculpting and using an overlay mode for painting fur. RamonM also has published the 3rd part of his brush tutorial series in Krita’s official channel.

Last some discussion in the lounge;

I want to highlight one final thread, it’s the ongoing discussion in the lounge regarding social media and artists. With the recent development in some of the popular social media that artists utilize I think it’s important that we have a place to vent, share our thoughts and alternatives moving forward.


The “Overlay Mode for painting fur” link is wrong… This is the correct link:


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I love that there are alot of brushes to try , I just downloaded @Lilly_Mist and your flower and maple leaf - to do some quick sketches.


You’re welcome! Have fun.


Good job on this! @marui_mg’s sai brush is awesome!


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