Replicating CSP's Nacho-Pen For Krita

Is there a way to replicate this brush in krita?I know i cant import directly but i feel a bit lost toggling the settings for brushes in krita


I saw you on reddit yesterday - but lost your thread in there. I was meaning to answer it there.

I have a similar brush for quite a while now - but you might need to kinda of tweak its opacity and flow curve, and maybe the size.

here is my setting;

The Brush : GDRIVE


The described brush seems to also have a speed sensor for Size.

Oh the velocity thing (i didnt notice that at first), I just sent out the brush I already have.

@Rui do you have a video of this brush.

as tom suggested it might be good to check the speed sensor, and have the lower curve to 39.

I wanted to recreate that brush for a long time, the only good way to do it was with the Mypaint engine, unfortunately the speed sensor of krita is different from the one of Clip Studio, in fact I would like it to be a little more like the one of Gimp that it is Similar to Clip Studio.


Now that im seeing the brush in action. It does act different. That end points and the lighter opacity parts are quite something to note. Its like sort of dip pen like effect which i guess what CSP is aiming for.

I guess the wording of velocity over speed might be a hint on how those calculations are done. :sweat_smile:

I recreated it from memory because I’m currently on Fedora and I can’t download the brush with the version of Clip that I have installed on Lutris.

So well the brush is not perfect but it should be 80% similar, I would say 90% but as I mentioned before Krita’s speed sensor is different from Clip’s.

I’m a bit worried about the settings because they might change depending on the size of your tablet, but hey the settings I have for the speed sensor are the default ones.

I leave the demo on video:


ty for this thats really cool honestly thats amazing I have no idea how the brush settings in krita work at all and would love to learn them to do the same. Also thats really impressive ! again thank you for taking the time to help omg ;;; Also be sure to credit nachozart for the og ^^ Also sorry this is my first time navigating the forum.

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You’re welcome, I had actually created a brush like that before, those types of brushes come by default in Clip Studio, but it’s a bit complicated to recreate them in Krita, so I used my previous experience.


yeah it really is very complicated i wish it was easier but seriously thanks for your input you are amazing!


Hi @Rui - Welcome to the forum!

I just added the word ‘brush’ to your topic so others can find this info more easily. Great topic!


The GDrive link here seems to just link to a picture of the brush, not the brush file itself? When I download it it only gives me a png.

@starsworne The krita brush preset file is actually a .png file of the brush preset icon that has metadata in it for the brush preset behaviour. It is made as a .kpp file by krita.

Your browser is probably being ‘helpful’ and renaming it as a .png file. Some browsers do that and this happens often.
When it’s been downloaded, just rename it to a .kpp file.


Thank you. I didn’t know that. I don’t seem to be able to change the file type to .kpp; renaming it to include .kpp at the end just makes it be brush.kpp.png .

Time for google fu.

i think its the browser kinda trying to be smart and changing it to png because essentially it is a png with metadata as @AhabGreybeard stated.

you remove the png and replace it with kpp not add kpp .

b)_Nacho-Pen.png should be renamed b)_Nacho-Pen.kpp

just one extension after so if it happened to be saved as b)_Nacho-Pen.kpp.png → removed the png so it can be b)_Nacho-Pen.kpp

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I have figured it out; I needed to alter what Windows was displaying in the file manager to gain access to the .png portion to change it. Thanks!

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That’s good to hear. @SchrodingerCat here had done a good job with this pen.

sometimes times things that was made for convenience get in the way → me to spellcheck.

I this should be move to the resource brush section, or split the brush portion from here to there.


By default, the Windows File Manager doesn’t display the file extension.
They don’t want their users to get confused by file extensions or to do anything ‘silly’ or ‘dangerous’ by changing file extensions.

Now that you’re seeing file extensions on files, I suggest that you keep those settings because it helps you to see and understand what you have on your computer.
Knowledge is power :slight_smile:

@kaichi1342 I think that you can change the category of this topic and it would be better in the Resources category. Can you try that?
Maybe change the topic title a bit too.


Done, I also change the thumbnail to the one SchrodingerCat made.


I added masked brush setting with Hard Mix soft (photoshop)
this is the difference:

it’s less see through that way. and you can also further tweak the thickness with speed that way if you wanted to.

basic tip, i adjust the size of masked brush tip until i see that it just starts to reduce the size of the stroke preview image shown in editor
just a circle round soft