Krita 5.0 released!

A question about installation on Ubuntu, since I used PPAs before. How can I install the AppImage so theres a app icon in the app menu? Just so I dont have to locate the AppImage-file all the time and open it. Is it possible?

Or will the PPA be updated with Krita 5.0?

After downloading v5.0, it keeps crashing on my mac

Congratulations and thank you so very much! I’m looking forward to using it. :grin:

@Troken The details depend on your desktop environment but you should be able to create new main menu entries (and modify existing ones).
For me, using MATE, it’s System → Preferences → Look and Feel → Main Menu.
Here, I just made a main menu entry for my isolated 5.0.0 appimage:

When you create it, or edit its Properties, The Command entry is the location of the appimage.
I don’t usually use the main menu, I have the most useful apps on panel launchers.

Hi @AhabGreybeard ! I use the ordinary Ubuntu, thats Gnome I guess? And ‘docker’ was the word I was looking for. So I have the docker to the left. I can try to find out more, but any ideas are welcome.

What I’m after is ease of use and have Krita accessible just one click away from the apps docker. What I’ve read about AppImage is that you need to locate you file everytime you want to start the app. And I don’t inherit the settings from previous version. Is this right understood?

Just create a .desktop file and place it in /home/<your username>/.local/share/applications. Here is a step by step -

  • Open a text editor on gnome it may be gedit
  • Add these lines in it, change the Exec and Icon line accordingly. You can get a png or svg icon file.
[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Digital Painting
Comment=Digital Painting
  • Save this file as krita-appimage.desktop . You can give it any name, the name you gave in the “Name” line in the file will be shown to you
  • Move this file to /home/<your username>/.local/share/applications directory

Now if you will search for Krita it will appear in the gnome overview. You can drag and drop it in the dock.

Regarding the settings it will read the settings from normal place where krita installation from the before used to read it. If you want you can isolate it but by default it will work as though it is installed from repo.

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Thank you, I will try this :slight_smile:

I installed Flatpak but it seems to still have the 4.4.8 version so AppImages is the way :smiley:

Either that or make a menu item or launcher for it, which is what you’re trying to do.

As I understand it, Flatpack uses its own ‘private’ area to store application configs and resources. This would not be shared with a repo installation or an appimage.

I still don’t understand why people use repo installs or snaps or flatpacks when the krita developers make a perfectly good appimage that is readily available and easy to use.

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Probably the rule of habit, you do what you always’ve done :smiley:

Could you try with a fresh configuration? If it keeps failing would you share your OS version and mac specs?

I have tried a fresh installation and it still crashes. I can open the application but when I select create new project it just crashes all the time, doesn’t matter if the project is small or large.

My mac specs:
macOS 10.15.7
Mac mini late 2012
2.6GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

Hi again! It worked like a charm, thank you so much for the instruction :smiley:

sent in a new $$$donation! Keep up the great work guys!!!

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I think in 3 month i´ll buy it from Steam :slight_smile:

Note that in 3 months the price will be higher, now Krita is on winter sale, after the sale the regular price will be increased to I think 20 dollars or euro.

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Thinking better. I´ll buy it now

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Thank for the Great Job :slight_smile:


OK, a good for a bad. But it looks as a good news for everybody at the end.

I also wanted to use PPA.
It seems from Krita Lime PPA : “Krita Lime” team that version 5.0.1-1~focal should be available, but after adding the PPA and installing Krita I get the message “krita it’s already at its latest version (3:4.4.8-1~focal)”.

EDIT: Sorry for the noise, I’m seeing now that actually the focal and hirsute build didn’t succeed for Krita 5. Packages in “Krita Lime PPA” : Krita Lime PPA : “Krita Lime” team

I think 5.0.1 should be released tomorrow

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