Krita-Camera Animation Tutorial

Hi everyone.
The camera feature has not been added to the krita yet, but I handle it with the grouping method. For those who don’t know, I wanted to share how it works here.

Here is the layer order. You add the animation and the background layer to a group.
You add transform mask to this group.

you can animate the mask directly by editing curves, as well as apply the first mode of the Transformation Tool

that is all. your camera is ready.

without camera

and final.

(this great animation belongs to jorge capote.)


How would a ‘camera feature’ and its control UI and methods be different from the use of a transform mask?

Transformation Mask - simulates the main operation of the camera. All subsequent desires can also be recreated manually, but it would be much more convenient to have a comprehensive tool.
The camera as an independent tool should have all the control capabilities of a transforming mask. The camera does not conflict with the assistants in relative viewing mode (when we do not change the contents of the canvas, but we see the movement/change of the camera frame). Saved size settings for exported frames (eliminates the need to manually crop the canvas before exporting and return the original size) And finally, the binding of the parallax effect through setting the depth of the layer / group relative to the camera

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I’d assume that the camera would not need Shear, and that the Scale(X) and Scale(Y) values would be combined into a single ‘Zoom’ value.
Would it have X-axis and Y-Axis Rotation?

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Of course, the “keep ratio” option is necessary. But since this is actually a transformation applied to the entire contents of the canvas, there is no need to exclude ready-made elements that can also be involved in creating effects. Everyone knows how “toons” are distorted in motion - the scene is no exception, compress the entire space to enhance the effect of falling, or stretch/tilt the canvas to enhance the effect of speed - there is no reason to cut off the legacy of Flash animation

Here in the text you can mention that you can animate the mask directly by editing curves, as well as apply the first mode of the Transformation Tool (it can be useful at the initial stage of creating keyframes)

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There should be more Krita animation tutorial.
Just wondering are you using Krita for an animatic?