Community Report - Things you might have missed from the community - Sep 16 to Oct 15 2022

The 3rd Community Report

As we get past the middle of October, it’s time for another round of Krita Artists Community Report. This cycle might not be as comprehensive as the previous two as work gets in the way of collating topics, at least for the week I usually start writing and collating these reports.

Anyways, those things won’t prevent me from writing another one :wink: summarizing what our fellow Krita Artists and Contributors are up to this time around.

First some Forum Development

Raghukamath has embarked on a series of threads with the goal of improving the forum experience.

First of there is the new pinned welcome post, reminding and informing everyone visiting the forum on what it’s all about. There is also the “Introduce Yourself Thread” a central thread to welcome and get to know each other in the forum. He also compiled commonly asked questions in the forum, mostly coming from new Krita users, in this thread. This is to help new users to find the relevant information and to prevent clutter.

Last, the appointment of AhabGreybeard and Sooz as new forum moderators. Both have been helping the community already prior to their instatement. We wish them good luck and lots of patience.

Now for Krita Development

In this front, there are two important calls for testing threads posted by the developers.

Those who are on Android and are interested in improving it, sh-zam have made a call for testing Krita’s updated input handling for the said platform.

Those who are following the weekly meeting report might have noted that dkazakov (dmitry) has been working on an overhaul of the brush editor. We can now test the first package resulting from this work in his call for testing of the new lager-based brush editor.

And while trying to catch up in the forum, I have caught a merge request submission by tom for implementing actions for Fit to Page and Fit to Page Width and Fit to Page Height. As of this writing, there has been a discussion for the said request and tom has since put it as a WIP.

Since the last release (5.1.1) , there have been a number of bugs found, some of which are regression, as have been discussed in the weekly meeting reports and summary. The official Krita_Painting twitter has hinted that the 5.1.2 bugfix release is coming soon.

User Contributions

As the devs have been focusing on larger projects and bug fixing, the official development section might not be as busy as the previous one. On other hand there seems to have been a boom of user contributed resources specially on the tutorials front.

Let’s start with the plugins

B_Venom has published his first plugin - the Krita-Grid-Splitter , a simplified version of Krita’s own Image Split [Menu > Image > Image Split]. It’s a quick way to split and save your image after the split - a useful tool for those doing long scroll webtoon.

Do you love the look of traditional watercolor painting and wish to replicate them digitally? seguso has developed a plugin KritaColorPlus, to help make it easier. The plugin provides several actions that help in achieving the said look, like the Dry Paper, which looks like magic for me, LastColor and MixColor and two more actions. All of this can be assigned to a shortcut key. Watch them demonstrate it here.

Another freshly published plugin is my own (kaichi1342) ChallengePromptMaker. At its core it is essentially a prompt generator with customizable list. It’s like those online prompt generators with additional customization and color suggestions. Its goal is to help those who can’t think of what to draw at the moment, mostly myself, to get over that block by providing challenges that are random enough but also personal enough.

Last one is not really in Krita but one that can be used for Krita as Hannes has informed the community that OpenMenu now supports Krita.

Heading on to, we have a couple of brushes

We have hextoof updating their MB advance pack to v.3 , which are krita translations of Photoshop’s Advance Painter Brushes. You need the original brush tip and some steps to import them into krita for these to work.

User darkhog has been experimenting in creating their version of Copic-likeAlcohol markers, if you are interested in testing or joining in the discussion for it, you can visit and test their version of it, and banca has shared their dot-work stippling brush

And lastly a number of tutorials

If you are interested in getting started in making your own brushes, or want to understand how the option works, RamonM has published part 2 of Making Brushes in Krita under Krita’s official youtube channel.

For new users, CelticCoco have published several quick tips and tutorials of various Krita functions such as tips for drag and dropping color, wrap around mode and pop-up palette.

Erathis_stellata wrote a tutorial on how to create invisible watermarks in your artwork using G’Mic, OrichalcumCosmonaut on the other hand published a tutorial on how to MAP USB HID tablet buttons to Key Sequences in Linux. This might not be Krita specific but will definitely help those who are using tablets with buttons in Linux.

There are a couple of animation specific one. In the first one Guerreiro64 walked us over how to use Krita and Audacity in performing lip-sync in animation. The last one, one I missed from the previous round, is Ahmet_tabak guiding us how they create camera movement with krita’s current tools, they utilize transform masks and groupings.

This period is considerably calmer than the last one. There are still a number of things happening that are worth checking out.


I invite all the members to contribute to this list. The post is a wiki and can be edited by level 2 and above members.

@kaichi1342 I think the link is wrong in this.

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Thank you, I will edit immediately.


Thanks for synthesis :slight_smile:

But this should better be in #develop:development-news category no? :thinking:
As there’s more than Krita development news, may not be the right place :slight_smile:

But maybe a dedicated category in site feedback could be useful to centralize these topics :slight_smile:


@raghukamath advice me that this is the correct space to post this - when I started this series as part of promo team. Its more like the Community equivalent of the Developer News and my next aim is to eventually also include non-KA forum community contributed content.

Though this also touch official development areas that has thread and collaborative call for action.

I agree though a tag would be nice. :blush:

This is such a good roundup, @kaichi1342. I read this when it came out and then came back again today as I knew I had missed something. Going over to check out @seguso’s watercolour plugin right now.

Thank you.

Regarding KritaColorPlus - i tested it, but honestly - myself havenot understand much the mechanic of digital watercolor, I could only provide little insight. Their explanation in their git, help alot on what they did and the reason for the approach. I feel like it could also be use for other things - the LastColor key is nifty little thing , i could see using.

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Regarding KritaColorPlus: feel free to ask specific questions if you have doubts. The documentation is not completely up to date. In order to optimize the “dry paper” shortcut, I have since separated the shortcut in two. I will update the docs as soon as I can, and make some new video.


I’ve made the video: KritaColorPlus explanation - YouTube

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