Introduce yourself! 🎙️

Since the last introduction thread was old and forgotten. I think it is time for a new one.

So let us have some introduction thread. This topic is central place where you can introduce yourself and say hello to your fellow Krita artists, welcoming them to the community! Feel free to introduce yourself here or check out who all the other awesome members here are.


No one is posting?! REALLY? No one wants to introduce themselves?

I can be the first

My name is Marty. I’ve loved drawing since i was a child. I used to draw trees and houses. My houses had chimneys that came out of the roof at strange angles. Mom tried to tell me that wasn’t how chimneys really looked, but i was ok with it.

Drawing is my escape from the real world. I do commissions every so often, and at one point was part of a team making artwork for an online story-driven game. I admire people who can pull together tons of elements into an image to create a narrative.

My art gravitates to portraits and nature. There are a lot of artists that inspire me. Some contemporary artists include Jeremy Mann, Lois van Baarle, Min Yum, Jeremy Lipking, Ali Cavanaugh,
Albert Bierstadt, Jocelin Carmes… the list goes on and on aaaand on.

I use a mobile studio pro now, but for the longest time i was on an intuous. I’ve tried other tablets, drawing pad manufacturers, but Wacom really works well for me. I’ve been using Krita for a long time, but I actually started with MyPaint. I really did love that infinite canvas :slight_smile:


Another Mypaint refugee here. What a sad story of mismatch between the desires of the users and the desires of the developers that was…

My name doesn’t matter. I’m just a fool who strayed a little from the path of life and got lost. After 20 years of rejected job applications I’m finally getting paid running injection moulding machines, making moulds for said machines and doing graphic design for our boxes and technical documentation.

When I get home I’m usually too lazy to create something of my own and write unrequited opinions on other people’s art instead.


Ok, I’ll try.

My name is Raymond, I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I remember tracing my own hands, and characters on the covers of books. I started drawing seriously around 5 years ago, and started drawing digitally in 2019, using mostly browser based art programs like Kleki and using Microsoft paint, and I started using Krita in 2020.

I draw mostly Undertale/Deltarune fandom related content, drawing fan art has helped me improve my art, and I’ve been drawing fan art since I started drawing digtally.
Not only that, but I also draw to help myself relax, I believe drawing has helped me manage my GAD, and Gender Dysphoria.

And that’s me! :upside_down_face:


May be people are shy :). I should have started with the introduction too. Anyway here it goes.

My name is Raghavendra Kamath. I am go by the username raghukamath on the internet, my friends call me Raghu. I am an Illustrator and designer, I run a small studio ( it has been hard after lock-down) with my friends which provides illustration services to corporates and individuals.
I started my journey with Krita since mid 2014 when I searching for alternatives to adobe suite, because one day their subscription authentication service had some glitch and it said I didn’t have a subscription. I was locked out of my files, the issue got sorted a day after though. You can read my thoughts on the switch on my blog here.

I joined IRC for the first time in 2014 and Krita team was really welcoming. I started getting involved in testing and later some documentations and here I am today running this website. It has been a wonderful journey since then.

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting us started, @kynlo.

I’m a hobby artist who paints with Krita every day. I used to paint in acrylics but once I committed to learning Krita I haven’t wanted to pick up a real brush.

After I retired I missed working on websites and keeping up with technology (I was in corporate sales and marketing). Krita is the perfect combination of art and tech. I’m trying to learn more about Krita from a technology standpoint.

I lead a very simple life on the west coast of Canada with my husband. We had our 40th anniversary this year (yes, I’m THAT old).


I’m Ahab, a grumpy old retired engineer and I’ve been producing technical drawings and documents for what seems like a lifetime.
I’ve used GIMP for many years for image editing/manipulation and I started using krita about five years ago.
I have artistic ambitions that are not matched by my abilities or or by my attention to serious study and practice. Instead, I play around with the technical side of krita and do ‘fun’ animations and ‘constructed’ images.


My name’s Roland, you can consider me a citizen of the world :wink:

I’m studying informatics as a senior at my local high school, but I’m still considering if an art academy or a I.T. university would be a better option, this choice is still debated, would I get paid more? Less? Equals? Will I be more satisfied?

That being said, I really love making concept-art -like works, but the truth is- that I lack the inspiration at this very moment, and I think I should focus more on school.


My name is Ramon Miranda @RamonM and i am a professional freelance illustrator. Nowadays i am focused on Content Creation with resources like videos for Krita’s Youtube Channel and as i love the brush making I create a lot of brushes.(pencils, Crayons, WaterC, Oils …and brushes focused in Concept ART) .
I give Digital Art or traditional media, private classes since 2015. One student per class and in real time.
I like the digital art since 90’s And i was member of Demoscene movement in my early years. I have painted with a lot of different softwares and i know the libre open source software (FLOSS) since 2007. I have collaborated with Gimp, Mypaint, and In 2011 i created my first video with Krita in my own You tube channel. You can see 2 videos here with more info or you can ask myself whatever you want to know about my career. :slight_smile:

Talk for EsLibre 2019. Can we paint with opensource software? Krita EN, ES Captions - YouTube and Krita and the creative processes. Opensouthcode 2019. English and Spanish Captions. - YouTube copy and paste in your browser

Nice to be here with all of you :hugs::hugs:


My turn

Hi everyone! I am Abhishek and I was a very long hobbyist Blender user and a corporate finance guy in day time. (I was also the official member of MakeHuman artist team and social media handler) With my job sucking life out of me, 3D no longer seemed like an option so I jumped ship and went 2D.

Started with mypaint but could not grow as an artist. Tried Krita (thanks to david showing krita usage) but failed again. I was about to give up but stumbled upon rad’s brush set and never looked back.

Now using krita on android tab, tried running a youtube channel whenever i learned new thing in krita but that is more of ghosttown now.

I am so glad to have Krita community and would love to contribute back.


I’ll go next:

I Have been drawing since I was about 5. I Took private at lessons for 5 years when I was in my early teen years.
media explored:
Pencil, Oils, Pastel, and in my 20’s & 30’s … Ballpoint Pen (finally learned how to do cross hatching!), Watercolor, Acrylic on t-shirts (working for a children’s clothing company)

During that time, I explored the following: Corel Painter Classic, Paint Shop Pro (by Jasc software), Photo Shop, Open Canvas (that was fun!), Gimp (I’m better known for my hair brushes on dA than my artworks, go figure!), Inkscape, Infinite Painter, Infinite Design, ArtRage, & now Krita!

I Found out about Krita from a video by Steve Elliot in 2020 then I tried Krita on my computer, which is Windows 10. Later, I found out about Krita for Android tablets from a friend. So, I bought an Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy S7) for myself to try Krita out and installed it around January, 2021 - 1st serious painting done that February (“My Cat”). :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :cat2:


My turn,
I’m cryingtart, I’ve been drawing since I was a kid though I didn’t take my art seriously till I was in community college. I’ve recently graduated with an art degree from Uni. Thank to Art classes I’ve taken at Uni/community college I’ve managed to experiment with other art materials like water color and gouache.

I’ve started using krita back in 2020, I did dabble with krita a few years before along side clip studio paint too, but my computer I had at the time could only really only handled mischief paint. (I am no computer expert I just know how to unintentionally crash my computer).

At the moment, I’m just post graduate. Not knowing where to go since I’ve just spent most of my time/my life focusing on passing my classes. I’ve forgotten to check the bigger picture of what am I gonna do after I graduate. So now since I have the time, I’ve been resting more and working on my portfolio slowly.


Hi. I am reintroducing myself after years of absence. I had a breakdown of sorts and requested all my work removed. The staff here were kind enough to do that for me. I also haven’t painted for many years. I have felt uninspired both with my music and my visual art. I am beginning to feel a longing to paint again now and I am pleasantly surprised that my account is still in place. It’s good to see such beautiful artwork being posted here.


Welcome back :). May be check one of our sketchbook thread and make a thread :slight_smile: Sketches are the best way to get back into the routine.


I guess I’ll say something too.

Hello! My name is Emerald Foxx. I’m currently a sophomore in highschool.
Drawing is my main hobby. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, though I only got serious about it during 2020 when I went to a small online art class. It was only for a week but it got me into art entirely. Last year my parents surprised me with a drawing tablet, and soon I got Krita and have been using it ever since.

I cant really settle on one way of drawing. I was raised on cartoons and 2D animated movies, so I love drawing in a more cartoonish style. But I do dabble in digital painting. And quite a few traditional mediums as well, such as oil pastels and alcohol markers.

Personally, I can process emotions and thoughts better through stories. So, art is a way to make my own stories and hopefully one day put them out into the world. Right now, I’m obsessed with all things sci-fi. Unfortunately, I have school. So that has been taking up a lot of my time, and I haven’t been able to make as much art as I want. I’m hoping to make more time to draw, once I get my grades up.

Whatever the case, the Krita community is great! I’ve seen a lot of excellent artists and gotten a lot of inspiration from here, so I’m happy to be here. :smile:


Hi, I ment to post earlier, but I was busy with school. My name’s David. I’m half german and half romanian. I’m twelve and I drawas a hobby. My first ever “serious” thing I drew was a horse when I was 5. It wasn’t perfect but it was perfect for me. I knew I wanted to draw better and one day my parents found “The famous artists painting course” in our basement. Since then I was drawing alot and improving. I’ve never had a real teacher teaching me anything (Good thing we have the internet…). When I got my first tablet I found Krita, I liked it and about a year later I got a small pen-display.


I’m ARandomPage, and I like maintaining some anonymity, so my real name will not be disclosed here. I try to do some alrightish digital art for fun, and I’m quite lazy in doing so. My stuff is very simplistic, and is mostly pictures of large-ish scenes or whatever you people call them. I don’t put much detail into it. Despite this, I’m kind of a perfectionist, and tend to stress out over small things that nobody will notice in the final picture.

I started drawing digitally in August of 2021 because one of my relatives said that I play videogames on my computer too much, and I wanted to prove her wrong for some reason. I also coincidentally had Krita installed on my old computer, and used that because why not.

Despite trying to do this stuff for over a year at this point, I still have very little understanding of what I’m really doing with this. Also, I’m going to mention that I only use a mouse when drawing. Why did I mention this?..

That’s a very good question that I’m not going to answer today!


I use a mouse too. Let painting and drawing be fun and learning won’t become a chore. :slightly_smiling_face:


My name is Maria Gorbacheva. I started drawing cats with my friend when I was about 12 years old. Now I’m studying to be a graphic designer in college and I really like it, although it can be hard sometimes (aand I still draw cats :slight_smile: )
Well, okay, I like to draw not only cats, I just like them. I love animals and nature in general, I also like to observe and study something new for me… For example, from time to time I do animatics (or something like that), come up with character designs, and also sometimes write music, and create a little comics about characters///

There are many people who inspire me, I especially like Serov, Polenov, Korin, Bilibin, Repin, Shishkin, Edgar Degas and many more… From CG artists Marat Arc, Terri Grimm, Soemi, Eddie Liu, WenXu Xu, Miles DF, Wildering etc. and cartoons of my childhood and soviet cartoons :slight_smile:

Slowly mastered Krita since 2015, but finally moved to it from the end of 2021.
It took me a long time to get used to the functionality, but it was worth it.

To finish my introduction beautifully, I will attach my old work, which is in the theme of the next holiday ^^
Sorry if I wrote it wrong somewhere English is not my native language ><